Everything You Need to Know About Silk Press Hair Treatments

Do you straighten your hair every day? Is your hair goal to achieve perfectly smooth and silky hair? You’re the perfect candidate for a silk press hair treatment. This innovative treatment creates smooth and straight hair without the damage of previous treatments.

Silk press hair treatments work for ash blonde locks and naturally dark hair. This technique is ideal for those with natural curls who want fuss-free straight hair. The silk press hair technique is one of the newest treatments on offer at 212 Salon and Day Spa. Our silk press hair treatments range from $150 to $300, depending on your hair type and length.

We’re sharing everything you need to know about silk press hair treatments and how to maintain silky straight hair at home.

What is a Silk Press Hair Treatment?

The silk press hair technique is a non-chemical treatment that is used to straighten curly and coarse hair. It starts with shampooing the hair before blowing it out and pressing it with a flat iron. This treatment creates a smooth and silk finish for the hair, creating a ‘silk press’ look. It’s a step up from the traditional blowout.

The difference between a silk press treatment and blow out is that it follows up the blow dry with a thermal treatment to smooth the hair for the sleekest look. A silk press treatment is the best way to create the look of glass hair, especially for those with textured hair. Finishing off a silk press hair treatment with a flat iron will give your hair a high-shine look.

Is My Hair Suitable for a Silk Press?

Not everyone needs a silk press to achieve sleek and smooth hair. If you get similar results from a regular blowout, you won’t be an ideal candidate for the silk press hair treatment. If a round brush and blow dryer doesn’t leave your hair sleek and smooth, a silk press treatment will be a game-changer for you.

Your hair will be suitable for a silk press treatment if your curl type is from a five to eight. These more defined curl patterns typically struggle with frizz and shrinkage, making them ideal for a silk press treatment. The technique means that the curl can be stretched before being given a silk finish and smooth texture.

We recommend investing in a professional silk press treatment to limit the risk to your hair. Although the treatment is relatively risk-free, it requires a large amount of heat on your hair. If your hair is heat damaged or struggles with high-temperature treatments, it’s worth booking a consultation before your treatment.

You can expect to get one to three weeks of wear from your silk press treatment, making it ideal for special occasions, vacations, and bridal looks.

What’s Used During the Silk Press Treatment?

There are no specific products that are used during the silk press treatment as it’s a technique and not a chemical process. It means that our stylists can choose the best products for your hair type to give you the smoothest long-lasting results. We’ll typically incorporate heat-protectant products to minimize heat damage throughout your treatment.

The texture of your hair will dictate the additional products used during the treatment with most having a hydrating formula to boost your hair’s natural shine. Two products that are used in every silk press treatment are a flat iron and a blow dryer. A concentrator nozzle will give your hair a smoother finish and make it easier to create a sleek look with a flat iron.

Can I Do a Silk Press Treatment at Home?

While it’s possible to do a silk press treatment at home, we recommend booking in at a salon to get the best results. There’s a specific technique for achieving the silk press treatment and a lot of heat involved. Using the proper technique and professional products will keep your hair healthy and give you the best long-term results.

Will a Silk Press Treatment Damage My Hair?

Any treatment that uses heat can damage your hair. The best way to reduce the risk of damage to your hair is by working with a professional stylist.

You’ll likely only experience damage to your hair if the silk press technique is carried out incorrectly. Our stylists at 212 Salon and Day Spa have experience working with curly and coarse hair, understanding how to work and care for it.

The concern around hair damage and the silk press treatment focuses on the natural texture of your hair. Our stylists will work to ensure your hair stays as damage-free and healthy as possible.

You can reduce damage to your hair by incorporating a weekly conditioning mask into your routine post-treatment. Look out for formulas that include argan oil and cupuacu butter to restore your hair’s vibrancy and hydration.

How to Care for Your Silk Press Post-Treatment

You’ll leave the 212 Salon and Day Spa with your dream hair, smooth to the touch and silky in texture. A little TLC is required to keep your silk press looking fresh for weeks on end.

There are a few things you can do to maintain your silk press treatment for the best long-term results. We recommend wearing a plastic cap while showering to protect your hair from humidity and prevent curl reversion.

It’s worth investing in satin or silk pillowcases to prevent breakage in your hair overnight. Don’t want to switch your pillows out? Get a silk bonnet. It’s the perfect option when you’re travelling. If you like to wear your hair in a ponytail or bun, pick up a silk scrunchie to keep your hair smooth.

You can expect to get one to three weeks of wear from your silk press treatment. It’s easy to touch up your hair between appointments by applying a heat protectant and using your flat iron. Other products like sculpting paste can help to tame flyaway strands and keep your hair silky smooth.


Make an appointment today at 212 Salon and Day Spa for a silk press hair treatment that will bring your hair goals to life.