What are Bombshell Layers? | How to Refresh Your Hair for 2024

Are you looking to freshen up your hair for 2024? You might be fighting the urge to commit to a new look, whether it’s a dramatic cut or a new color. You don’t always have to go off the deep end to create a new look. Bombshell layers are one of the biggest hair trends for 2024 and are all over our social media feeds right now.

This hairstyle adds extra volume, movement, and body to your hair for the ultimate supermodel-inspired look. It’s a hairstyle that’s all about swishy layers and volume, giving you an effortless ‘windswept’ look.

Bombshell layers are an evolution of the classic silver-screen starlet look that dominated the 50s and 60s. It’s a blowout style that’s beloved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Dove Cameron, and Kendall Jenner.

We’re all fans of bombshell layers at 212 Salon and Day Spa. It’s an easy way to refresh your hair without making a dramatic change and is ideal for those who love a blowout look. We’re sharing everything you need to know about bombshell angel hair and how you can style the look at home.

What is Bombshell Angel Hair?

If you’ve ever seen a Victoria’s Secret runway show, you’ll know what bombshell angel hair is. It’s the signature hairstyle that the lingerie brand used for its iconic supermodels, gracing ad campaigns and billboards across the globe. While it’s called ‘bombshell angel hair’, the style was also the go-to for supermodels at the height of the ‘supers’ in the 90s.

The hairstyle is characterized by its boob-length layers that are designed to add volume and the right amount of body to your hair. These bombshell layers create the bounce and movement that is synonymous with famous supermodels, Adriana Lima, like Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, and Gisele Bundchen. But this look didn’t start with supermodels.

Long before the Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the bombshell layers were rocking out TV screens thanks to Pamela Anderson on Baywatch, reimagining the classic pageant queen look. Fast forward to today and the bombshell hair look is one every celebrity has tried at least once.

While the hairstyle takes its name from the ‘Bombshell’ nickname given to the Victoria’s Secret supermodels, it has a larger-than-life presence. It encapsulates the classic glamorous and bold confidence of a supermodel with feminine layers. It’s no surprise that the popularity of Y2K hairstyles has led to the revival of the bombshell layers and the overall supermodel look.

If you ever dreamed of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, now you can by recreating their iconic hairstyle as your new signature look.

How to Get Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Layers

The secret to this look is the bombshell layers, they’re cut-in layers that are strategically placed around the head with face-framing pieces for added appeal. It focuses on long, layered sections of hair with internal layers to maintain the style’s shape, acting like wings to hold the volume and body in place.

You can choose to add a subtle fringe, such as curtain bangs, to give your bombshell layers the illusion of wings. Getting the right cut and layers will make it easier to recreate the bombshell hairstyle at home.

How to Style Bombshell Layers

The beauty of the bombshell layers is that they’re easy to style at home, making them ideal as a signature look. If you lack confidence in styling, speak to your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist for tips on how to maintain your bombshell layers and recreate the look at home.

There’s more to the bombshell angel hairstyle than just the cut. If you want the ‘bombshell’ effect, it’s all about the styling. Get familiar with curling, styling, and pinning your hair. If you want a short haircut, invest in rollers to give you the bounce and volume that’s synonymous with the style.

What is the Bombshell Hair Color?

Want to take your bombshell layers all the way? You can take the aesthetic to the next level and channel your inner ‘Super’ with the right hair color. What makes the bombshell hairstyle different is that the overall tone isn’t too warm or too cool.

There are different options you can choose from, but it’s essential to pick one that complements your skin tone. The ‘expensive brunette’ hair color is perfect for pairing with bombshell layers for a supermodel-worthy look.

Consider a Bombshell Fringe

It’s not just bombshell layers that you should be considering in 2021. The iconic supermodel look also has its own ‘bombshell fringe’. This style of fringe adds an extra ‘oomf’ to your look and is lighter than the heavy curtain bangs we saw everywhere in the autumn and winter. If you want to refresh your look for spring and summer, opt for a bombshell fringe.

This lightweight fringe is universally flattering, working for every face shape. Your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist will create a bombshell fringe that accentuates your natural features and advise on how to maintain its style. Think of Emily Ratajkowski as your inspiration for the bombshell fringe.

The bombshell fringe should be cut to sweep away from your face as a subtle nod to the iconic ‘70s hairstyle of Farah Fawcett.

Make Bombshell Layers Your Signature 2024 Hairstyle

Get ready for spring and welcome the new year with bombshell layers. This supermodel-inspired look is perfect for the girls who love a glamorous hairdo. It’s the ultimate effortless look that will take you from a day in the office to weekend brunch.

You can instantly transform your look with bombshell layers without committing to a major cut or a dramatic new style. The secret to the bombshell hairstyle is its subtle nature. Our hairstylists at 212 Salon and Day Spa are on hand to help you tailor the bombshell look to match your style, from adding extra volume to altering the layers to work with thinner hair. Once your layers are professionally cut, you can have fun experimenting with at-home styling to make the look your own.

Make bombshell layers your 2024 hairstyle by booking an appointment with a stylist at 212 Salon and Day Spa today.