Why You Should Keep Up with Facials During Every Season

At-home skincare routine can only go so far. While you might consider a facial a splurge for special occasions, having a regular facial is the best way to care for your skin. Most aestheticians and dermatologists recommend that the best time to have a facial is every month, focusing your treatment to suit the needs of your skin during each season. Our skin behaves differently with each season, so a regular facial gives you a chance to check in with your skin and give it the TLC it needs.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we offer a range of facials and treatments you can customize to suit your skin during every season. We’re rounding up the reasons why you should have a facial every season and not just in winter.

What is a Professional Salon Facial?

A professional salon facial is performed by a licensed aesthetician who is an expert in cosmetic skincare. In some scenarios, a facial may be performed by a dermatologist, who is a qualified doctor specializing in skin conditions. Salon and spa facials usually fall into six categories: chemical peels, extractions, HydraFacials, microdermabrasion, LED facial, and lymphatic drainage.

Most professional facials will incorporate at least one of these:

  • Chemical peels to remove dead or damaged skin cells
  • Deep cleansing with steam to open pores
  • Exfoliation to remove excess dead skin cells
  • Facial massage to improve circulation
  • Products to address client-specific skin concerns
  • LED light therapy for acne, inflammation, and anti-aging
  • Minimally invasive treatments, such as laser resurfacing

Your aesthetician or dermatologist will explain every aspect of your facial and provide aftercare instructions to ensure the best long-term results.

How Often Should You Have a Facial?

If time and money weren’t a concern, we’d all be having a facial every month. This time frame reflects the 28-day cycle of skin cell turnover. A monthly facial helps reduce irritation and remove dead skin cells to allow your skin care products to better penetrate through your skin barrier.

Your aesthetician or dermatologist will recommend the best time frame for your facials. If monthly facials aren’t possible, a facial every 3 months to align with the changing seasons is the best alternative. Certain treatments, such as HydraFacials, are only recommended every three months. You’ll want to consider your specific skincare concerns and the season when choosing your next facial.

The Benefits of a Seasonal Facial

A monthly or seasonal facial is the best way to maximize the efficiency of your skincare routine and address specific skin concerns. While the specific benefits of a facial will vary depending on the treatment used, there are 5 reasons why you should have a facial every season:

Increase skin circulation

Facials boost the skin’s circulation and blood flow to encourage cellular regeneration, helping to reduce puffiness in the skin and promote lymphatic drainage. Increased circulation improves the skin’s oxygen levels and helps remove toxins.


It’s almost impossible to fully cleanse your skin and pores. While daily cleansing helps, a facial is the best way to remove excess dirt and build-up from your skin. A deeper cleanse from a facial improves your complexion and produces healthy, glowing skin by removing oil, dirt, and bacteria.

Improve Skin Texture and Appearance

Regular facials help to improve the skin’s texture, tone, and appearance to create a natural glow. This improved appearance comes from increased collagen production, which leaves the skin smoother and tighter to support graceful aging. A facial is the perfect splurge before a vacation or at the start of the holiday season.


Investing in monthly or seasonal facials helps tackle premature aging by increasing circulation to boost your natural collagen production. It also strengthens the facial muscles and smooths the skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduce Anxiety and Seasonal Stress

Seasonal anxiety and depression are something many of us deal with during the colder months. Facials help reduce anxiety and make you feel more relaxed while treating the consequences of stress on your skin, such as fine lines and dark circles.

A facial helps to reduce your body’s overall stress levels, release facial tension, and relax your muscles. It’s a treatment that helps your body and mind, making it the perfect way to start every season.

How to Choose the Right Facial Every Season

Whether it’s your first facial or your thirty-first, don’t be afraid to ask questions to help you find the right treatment for your skin and the season.

There are three things you want to consider when choosing your facial:

Skin type

Whether you have oily, dry, mature, or sensitive skin, it’ll react differently to the products used during your treatment. You can invest in a facial specifically designed for your skin type or the problems you might face during specific seasons, like extra dryness during winter.

Seasonal weather

It’s a common misconception that your skin only faces the negative consequences of seasonal weather during winter. The humidity in summer and rising temperatures throughout the year can also dehydrate your skin.

Recovery time

Some facials have a longer recovery time, with additional aftercare required if they use stronger products and ingredients. Chemical peels, for example, have a longer recovery time and should only be used every three months. You want to keep in mind the recommended interval between specific facials when booking your next treatment.

Why You Should Have a Facial Every Season

Don’t just wait until the week before your vacation to book a facial. Your skin will benefit from at least one facial during each season of the year.

  • Spring: Exfoliation is a must-have during spring as it helps to rejuvenate your skin and brighten your complexion while unblocking your pores and promoting skin hydration.
  • Summer: Protect your skin against sun damage with a facial during summer to help support your SPF.
  • Autumn: Give your skin a moisture boost and help prepare it for the colder months to maintain a healthy glow.
  • Winter: Harsher weather conditions can lead to your skin becoming dry and cracking. A facial helps lock in moisture and replenish your skin to keep it healthy.

Keep your skin healthy all year round by investing in facials. Book your next facial with 212 Salon and Day Spa today.

Why You Should Invest in Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

Are you looking to give your hair a refresh without committing to a new style or color? You need to invest in a deep-conditioning hair treatment. These hydrating treatments help to restore your natural hair and repair damage from styling productions, sun exposure, and pollution. Wave goodbye to frizz and say hello to smooth, shiny hair.

Deep conditioning treatments lock in moisture for your hair to keep it hydrated. While you might use a conditioner at home, a professional conditioning treatment takes it a step further with formulas you can’t buy off the shelf.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we offer the Paul Mitchell Awapuchi HydraTriplex treatments for deep conditioning. We’re rounding up everything you need to know about deep conditioning hair treatments and why they should be a regular part of your haircare maintenance.

Salon Treatment vs. At-Home Conditioners

You probably have a conditioner that coordinates with your shampoo. While you can use this as part of your weekly routine, a salon conditioning treatment gives your hair the TLC it needs to make it more manageable.

The conditioning treatments you can get at a salon are a step above what you’ll find in-store as they’re designed to regenerate your hair, protect your scalp, and promote hair growth.

Salon conditioning treatments use non-toxic and high-quality ingredients that are professionally applied by a trained stylist. You won’t be able to purchase these treatments to use at home and can damage your hair or scalp if applied incorrectly. A deep-conditioning hair treatment is one of the most effective salon treatments you can choose and is suitable for all hair types. You can schedule a hair conditioning treatment every few months as a top-up to your regular routine.

By comparison, at-home conditioning treatments are relatively affordable but made using lower-quality ingredients. These treatments can cause build-up on your scalp if used too often, leading to dryness and irritation.

Why Your Hair Becomes Dry

The main reason you’ll get a deep conditioning treatment is to hydrate your hair to combat dryness. Your hair’s hydration levels are determined by the sebum produced by your hair follicles. This sebum production will vary and is impacted by things like environmental triggers, stress, hormones, and aging.

Your hair can also become drier if you use bleach as it destroys the melanin within the hair strand. If your hair is naturally drier or is color-treated, a deep conditioning treatment can make your hair softer and more manageable.

The Benefits of Salon Deep Conditioning Treatments

While an at-home conditioner will make your hair feel softer, you’ll get better and longer results with a salon deep conditioning treatment. A salon conditioning treatment can detangle your hair, reduce frizz, boost shine, and smooth your hair’s texture.

1. Repair Damaged Hair

Professional conditioning treatments use formulas with protein-rich ingredients that deeply penetrate the hair to repair damage and rejuvenate from within.

Conditioner helps to tackle breakage, discoloration, and split ends to give you smoother and healthier hair. It works to restore the hair’s elasticity and strength to reduce frizz and improve the overall condition of your hair.

2. Hydration and Nourishment

Deep conditioning treatments are formulated to deliver hydration and nourishment, including the moisture your hair loses as a result of environmental damage and pollution, as well as chemical processes and heat styling.

It works by deeply nourishing your hair cuticle to replenish its moisture levels and improve its natural resilience to prevent further damage. Regular conditioning treatments can make your hair more manageable and easier to style by reducing frizz and tangles.

3. Maximize Color Lifespan

If you regularly color your hair, you’ll want to invest in salon conditioning treatments to prolong the lifespan of your color. It ensures you retain the vibrancy of the color for longer between appointments and helps reduce damage to keep your hair healthier. A salon conditioner treatment means you can usually go longer between touch-ups as your hair will better maintain its color.

4. Improve Hair Texture and Shine

The intense hydration you get from a conditioning treatment has a long-lasting effect on your hair’s appearance and texture. Your hair will look instantly shinier and feel silky to the touch immediately after your treatment. The hair cuticles become smoother with each treatment, making it easier to achieve damage-free styling. If you have fine hair, a conditioning treatment will add bounce and volume to make your hair look visibly healthier.

5. Improve Scalp Health

A conditioning treatment uses ingredients that help to soothe scalp irritation with antibacterial properties to regulate oil production. A balanced scalp helps promote hair growth with ingredients designed to hydrate and prevent flakiness and dryness.

5. Hair Becomes More Manageable

Do you struggle to style your hair because of frizz or tangles? A deep conditioning salon treatment will make your hair more manageable by boosting its hydration and making the cuticle smoother to improve its texture. It makes your hair easier to style as it reduces friction, making it easier to style without causing damage.

Your hair will look and feel visibly softer after your treatment, allowing you to heat style your hair without creating fly-aways or frizzing. You’ll get a more polished and sleeker finish to your hair without the potential damage. Removing frizz and tangles makes it quicker to style your hair, speeding up your daily routine.

Meet the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi HydraTriplex Treatment

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we offer the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi HydraTriplex deep conditioning treatment. This salon professional treatment is designed for coarse, dry, and frizzy hair with a three-step process to hydrate, bind, and seal the hair.

The Paul Mitchell Awapuhi HydraTriplex formula works to instantly nourish and soften the hair while improving its manageability for easy styling. This exclusive formula binds and seals the hair to protect it from further damage using nourishing oils, vegetable proteins, and amino acids. It leaves your hair 82% softer with a long-lasting smooth texture.

Give your hair the TLC it deserves by booking a deep conditioning treatment with 212 Salon and Day Spa today.

Why Keratin Treatments Work in Winter and Summer

Wave goodbye to frizzy hair! Keratin hair treatments are here to the rescue. This innovative hair treatment isn’t just about straightening your frizz. A keratin complex treatment smooths your hair texture to restore its natural shine and make it more manageable. This treatment is also known as a ‘Brazilian blowout’ and is the perfect seasonal treatment to add a glossy shine to your hair.

We offer a range of Keratin complex treatments at 212 Salon and Day Spa that can be added to your appointment to give your hair some TLC.

What is a Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin treatments smooth the cuticles of your hair, giving it a shiny finish to reduce frizz. Investing in a keratin treatment can also help your hair dry faster when you’re caring for it at home. While it’s suitable for all hair types, it’s best for unruly or coarse hair that struggles with frizz and breakage.

Keratin is a protein naturally produced by the body and found in the hair and nails. Most high-end shampoos and conditioners are made using keratin, but you’ll get the best and most long-lasting results with a salon treatment.

How Does a Keratin Treatment Work?

A keratin complex treatment will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the length and condition of your hair. The treatment starts with your hair being washed before it is brushed with a keratin treatment while still wet before being left to develop.

Keratin is a protein applied to your hair using a mix of chemicals. It works to seal the cuticle of your hair, a protective outer layer. This sealing process prevents your hair from losing moisture to stay hydrated for longer.

The stylist will lightly blow dry your hair before using a flat iron to seal and activate the keratin coating. Some stylists will deviate from this by blow-drying the hair before applying the treatment.

You can expect your keratin treatment to take several hours from start to finish. Bring along a book or relax and unwind while your stylist gets to work. Most keratin complex treatments last for 3 months, making it the perfect way to refresh your hair every season.

The Benefits of a Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments work on every hair type but is primarily used to eliminate frizz and tame stray flyaways. You can think of a keratin treatment as being like investing in a permanent blowout. This restorative treatment improves the condition and texture of your hair. You’ll get the best results if your hair has never been color-treated.

Here are 5 reasons you should invest in a keratin treatment every season:

  • Smoother and Shinier hair

Keratin protein works by smoothing the cuticle to reduce frizz and make your hair more manageable. Your hair will look instantly healthier, with the temporary bonding helping to diminish the appearance of split ends.

  • Long-lasting results

You can expect your keratin treatment to last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on the condition of your hair. You can improve the lifespan of your results by washing your hair less frequently. Shampooing your hair 2 or 3 times a week will help you maintain the best results.

  • Hair growth

Keratin helps improve the condition of your hair, strengthening it to reduce breakage and promote hair growth. If you’re struggling to grow weak or brittle hair, A keratin treatment can help fortify and strengthen it.

  • More manageable hair

A keratin treatment makes your hair easier to manage on a day-to-day basis. If you spend hours every week straightening your hair to reduce frizz, you’ll want to consider this treatment.

Keratin complex treatments make your hair more manageable, saving you time in your daily routine. Most clients who have a keratin treatment find that their hair dries quicker post-treatment, including when air-drying.

  • Reduces breakage

Keratin improves the condition of your hair as it is a structural protein, helping to reduce breakage and splitting to keep your hair looking healthy for weeks after your treatment.

How to Care for Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment

There are strict care instructions you’ll want to follow after your keratin treatment to ensure the best results. You want to avoid washing your hair for at least two days post-treatment and keep your hair down or in a loose style.

It’s worth double-checking the ingredients in your haircare products to ensure they are sulfate-free for long-lasting treatment results. You’ll also want to avoid chlorinated water and saltwater for the first week after your treatment. You should leave at least two weeks between your keratin treatment and coloring your hair.

One of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your treatment is to reduce the frequency with which you wash your hair. Every 3-4 days is ideal for hair washing, using lukewarm water instead of hot water. You can give your hair a moisture boost between treatments by using a leave-in conditioner or hair mask.

The most important care advice for maintaining your keratin treatment is to use any styling tools, including your blow-dryer, on a lower heat setting. It’s worth investing in a heat protectant to apply to your hair before using heat products. Using a lower heat setting helps avoid unnecessary damage to your hair.

You can expect to maintain the initial results of your keratin treatment for at least 12 weeks before they begin to gradually fade. Your stylist will recommend the best timeline for additional treatments, depending on your hair type and condition.

Treat Your Hair Every Season with a Keratin Treatment

A keratin complex treatment is the ultimate way of refreshing your hair every season, whether it’s summer or winter. This treatment might be an investment, but it’s a practical way to make your hair more manageable and improve its overall condition. Most clients find that they have to do almost no styling on their hair in the initial weeks after their treatment, including blow-drying.

Get your hair ready for summer or keep it healthy over winter by booking a keratin complex treatment at 212 Salon and Day Spa.

Why You Should Get a Mid-Length Lob for Spring 2024

Spring is when most of us are thinking about a new hairstyle. One of the easiest ways to give your look an update is with a lob (the nickname for a long bob!). It’s a great choice for when you want to transition your hair through the seasons and make it more manageable as the weather heats up. A mid-length lob gives you the versatility to style your hair without feeling weight down by long locks.

Short hairstyles are having a moment, and the mid-length lob is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to commit to a pixie cut or a drastic bob. A mid-length lob is the perfect in-between if you’re not really to jump off the deep end with short hair. What we love about the mid-length lob is that it is universally flattering, suiting every face shape and texture.

Your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist will help you choose a mid-length lob that complements your features and bone structure. We’ll also offer styling advice and help you pick a fringe style to match. There are dozens of celebrities you can take styling inspiration from, including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and Rihanna. We’re deep diving into one of the hottest hairstyles for spring 2024.

Get to Know the Mid-Length Lob

A lobis a haircut that sits at a length between the chin and collarbone, a mid-length lob is just about shoulder length. There are no hard or fast rules for lobs and your stylist can cut it to your desired length. The length of your neck may play into the hair length that you choose.

Most lobs, of all lengths, are cut at an angle. It typically follows your natural jaw for extra movement. If your hair is cut completely straight, it gives the appearance of your hair being longer at the back.

What is a Long Bob?

A mid-length lob is a modern take on the classic bob hairstyle. It’s longer than a regular bob, giving it a more feminine feel with more styling options. If you want to focus on improving the condition of your hair and growing healthier locks, a mid-length bob is the perfect choice.

Why You Should Get a Long Bob

The lob is one of our most popular hairstyles amongst clients at 212 Salon and Day Spa. This hairstyle is popular as it helps your hair appear thick and healthy. It’s why so many celebrities opt for the style to give their hair a break between extensions or extreme colors.

The lob silhouette flatters every face shape with the length, giving you versatility for styling. Your hairstyle can alter the length, texture, and cut to suit your features. Every lob cut looks a little different, whether you want to go all one-length as a blunt cut or have a layered messy lob with choppy layers.

How to Style a Mid-Length Lob

There are dozens of celebrities who you can look to for styling inspiration for your mid-length bob. Some celebrities like to keep it simple with a smooth flat-ironed look, while others go for a choppy textured mid-length bob. There are endless styling options to add volume to your mid-length lob, whether you want a half-up, half-down look or to channel your inner ‘90s supermodel.

Soft Mid-Length Lob with Texture

You’ll want to consider your hair type and texture when choosing your lob. We recommend opting for a blunt cut if you have finer hair, as this will create the illusion of a fuller look, with the extra length giving you more texture and movement. If you’re feeling like your hair is flat, a mid-length lob.

Curly Mid-Length Bob

A mid-length bob is the perfect way to enhance your natural curls and bring attention to your hair texture. You’ll want to invest in styling products that help add definition to your lob and brush through your curls for a smooth finish.

Half-Up Half-Down

We love how easy the mid-length lob is to style, and celebrities like Hailey Bieber elevate their lobs with quick hairstyles. The half-up ponytail is an everyday styling option that uses the extra length of a lob to add volume to your hair.

Blown-Out Mid-Length Lob

If you love a blow-out but don’t want to give them up, choose a mid-length bob. It’s the ideal length to get the most out of a blowout, giving you the bouncier movement and glamorous look that makes celebrities come back to it time and time again. You can style this look as a modern take on a classic retro style.

Polished Waves

You can elevate your mid-length lob for a fun weekend look with polished waves. The secret to this look is using a wide barrel brush to give the appearance of a smooth finish. If you want a little quirky twist, add uneven waves with a curling iron and brush lightly.

Beachy Mid-Length Lob

If you’re spending spring and summer by the beach, you want to rock a beachy lob. This messy look is about embracing your natural hair texture and beachy waves. Add a sea salt spray to your hair while it’s still damp after washing, and let it air dry to enhance its texture.

Blunt Mid-Length Lob

While Barbiemania made us fall in love with pink, it also showed that Margot Robbie is a style icon in her own right. The actress spent most of the Barbie press tour rocking a blunt lob for a dramatic easy-styling look.

A mid-length lob is a classic hairstyle that will always be popular, especially in spring and summer when you want a lighter feel. Choosing a mid-length long bob gives you the option to grow out your hair or give it a little extra TLC to improve its condition.

Find out why celebrities love the mid-length lob by booking an appointment with a stylist at 212 Salon and Day Spa today.

What are Bombshell Layers? | How to Refresh Your Hair for 2024

Are you looking to freshen up your hair for 2024? You might be fighting the urge to commit to a new look, whether it’s a dramatic cut or a new color. You don’t always have to go off the deep end to create a new look. Bombshell layers are one of the biggest hair trends for 2024 and are all over our social media feeds right now.

This hairstyle adds extra volume, movement, and body to your hair for the ultimate supermodel-inspired look. It’s a hairstyle that’s all about swishy layers and volume, giving you an effortless ‘windswept’ look.

Bombshell layers are an evolution of the classic silver-screen starlet look that dominated the 50s and 60s. It’s a blowout style that’s beloved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Dove Cameron, and Kendall Jenner.

We’re all fans of bombshell layers at 212 Salon and Day Spa. It’s an easy way to refresh your hair without making a dramatic change and is ideal for those who love a blowout look. We’re sharing everything you need to know about bombshell angel hair and how you can style the look at home.

What is Bombshell Angel Hair?

If you’ve ever seen a Victoria’s Secret runway show, you’ll know what bombshell angel hair is. It’s the signature hairstyle that the lingerie brand used for its iconic supermodels, gracing ad campaigns and billboards across the globe. While it’s called ‘bombshell angel hair’, the style was also the go-to for supermodels at the height of the ‘supers’ in the 90s.

The hairstyle is characterized by its boob-length layers that are designed to add volume and the right amount of body to your hair. These bombshell layers create the bounce and movement that is synonymous with famous supermodels, Adriana Lima, like Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, and Gisele Bundchen. But this look didn’t start with supermodels.

Long before the Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the bombshell layers were rocking out TV screens thanks to Pamela Anderson on Baywatch, reimagining the classic pageant queen look. Fast forward to today and the bombshell hair look is one every celebrity has tried at least once.

While the hairstyle takes its name from the ‘Bombshell’ nickname given to the Victoria’s Secret supermodels, it has a larger-than-life presence. It encapsulates the classic glamorous and bold confidence of a supermodel with feminine layers. It’s no surprise that the popularity of Y2K hairstyles has led to the revival of the bombshell layers and the overall supermodel look.

If you ever dreamed of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, now you can by recreating their iconic hairstyle as your new signature look.

How to Get Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Layers

The secret to this look is the bombshell layers, they’re cut-in layers that are strategically placed around the head with face-framing pieces for added appeal. It focuses on long, layered sections of hair with internal layers to maintain the style’s shape, acting like wings to hold the volume and body in place.

You can choose to add a subtle fringe, such as curtain bangs, to give your bombshell layers the illusion of wings. Getting the right cut and layers will make it easier to recreate the bombshell hairstyle at home.

How to Style Bombshell Layers

The beauty of the bombshell layers is that they’re easy to style at home, making them ideal as a signature look. If you lack confidence in styling, speak to your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist for tips on how to maintain your bombshell layers and recreate the look at home.

There’s more to the bombshell angel hairstyle than just the cut. If you want the ‘bombshell’ effect, it’s all about the styling. Get familiar with curling, styling, and pinning your hair. If you want a short haircut, invest in rollers to give you the bounce and volume that’s synonymous with the style.

What is the Bombshell Hair Color?

Want to take your bombshell layers all the way? You can take the aesthetic to the next level and channel your inner ‘Super’ with the right hair color. What makes the bombshell hairstyle different is that the overall tone isn’t too warm or too cool.

There are different options you can choose from, but it’s essential to pick one that complements your skin tone. The ‘expensive brunette’ hair color is perfect for pairing with bombshell layers for a supermodel-worthy look.

Consider a Bombshell Fringe

It’s not just bombshell layers that you should be considering in 2021. The iconic supermodel look also has its own ‘bombshell fringe’. This style of fringe adds an extra ‘oomf’ to your look and is lighter than the heavy curtain bangs we saw everywhere in the autumn and winter. If you want to refresh your look for spring and summer, opt for a bombshell fringe.

This lightweight fringe is universally flattering, working for every face shape. Your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist will create a bombshell fringe that accentuates your natural features and advise on how to maintain its style. Think of Emily Ratajkowski as your inspiration for the bombshell fringe.

The bombshell fringe should be cut to sweep away from your face as a subtle nod to the iconic ‘70s hairstyle of Farah Fawcett.

Make Bombshell Layers Your Signature 2024 Hairstyle

Get ready for spring and welcome the new year with bombshell layers. This supermodel-inspired look is perfect for the girls who love a glamorous hairdo. It’s the ultimate effortless look that will take you from a day in the office to weekend brunch.

You can instantly transform your look with bombshell layers without committing to a major cut or a dramatic new style. The secret to the bombshell hairstyle is its subtle nature. Our hairstylists at 212 Salon and Day Spa are on hand to help you tailor the bombshell look to match your style, from adding extra volume to altering the layers to work with thinner hair. Once your layers are professionally cut, you can have fun experimenting with at-home styling to make the look your own.

Make bombshell layers your 2024 hairstyle by booking an appointment with a stylist at 212 Salon and Day Spa today.

The Choppy Fringe Trend is Making a Comeback

Loathe them or love them, fringes are the quickest way to change up your look. The choppy fringe is a hairstyle trend that we’re expecting to see everywhere in 2024. It’s a look that’s slowly been gaining popularity, with celebrities like Camilla Cabello and Jenna Ortega leading the charge.

The choppy fringe trend is all about adding movement and texture to your hair for a 3-dimensional look. It’s like curtain bangs as it creates the same peekaboo effect but frames the face differently. A choppy fringe – also known as a ‘piecey fringe - will give your hairstyle an added edge without being too dramatic. It’s the perfect choice for a subtle change to refresh your look for 2024.

Our hairstylists at 212 Salon and Day Spa are here to help you find your perfect choppy fringe. We’ll tailor the trend to match your hairstyle and offer styling advice for maintaining your choppy fringe between appointments.

What is a Choppy Fringe?

No two choppy fringes are the same. We love the fact that you can have fun with this trend, chopping and changing it to get your perfect look. These bangs, sometimes known as ‘piecey fringes’, are less heavy than a full fringe but still make a statement. They’re characterized by the peekaboo effect they create with gapping between the strands, offering a more lightweight and relaxed look.

You can change up your fringe between seasons by changing the thickness of your fringe. Choose lighter fringes in spring and summer, while asking for a thicker cut in autumn and winter.

What makes choppy fringes different from each other is the length. You’ll see tiny, blunt bangs that are all the same length and others that skim along the eyebrows for a softer look. Your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist will help you choose a style of choppy fringe that accentuates your features and works with your face shape.

There’s a choppy fringe to suit every face shape and hair type. It’s an easy way to refresh your look with an added edge and versatility. There are dozens of choppy fringes to choose from, whether you want a side fringe or a blunt fringe to suit a pixie cut.

Choosing Your Choppy Bangs

Choppy fringes suit every face shape and can give you an instant confidence boost. Your first decision should be choosing a length you’re comfortable with. This decision will depend on your face shape and features.

You might want to avoid a longer choppy fringe if you wear glasses, and you’ll want to consider your current hairstyle. Speaking to your stylist will help you decide which type of choppy bangs are right for you.

If you want a softer look, ask for a feathered choppy fringe which looks like a hybrid between the thicker, choppy fringe and curtain bangs. You can create a bolder look by taking inspiration from Jenna Ortega by styling your choppy fringe with a shaggy lob.

Another softer take on the choppy fringe is to style it with curls and a wispy cut. The beauty of choppy fringe is that it works for every hairstyle, whether you want a shorter fringe or lash-skimming bangs.

You can throw it back to the 2000s with a choppy side-fringe, taking inspiration from celebrities like Dua Lipa.

How to Style Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are different from their blunt counterparts as they offer movement, whereas a blunt fringe is a blanket of hair across the forehead. You can style a choppy bang to add texture to your haircut or reinvent your look.

You’ll want to become best friends with your stylist when you commit to choppy bangs. You can expect to be coming in for regular cuts on a two-to-four-week basis to maintain your desired length. It’s worth considering this when deciding what style of choppy bangs to choose from.

One thing you’ll want to invest in for your choppy bangs is a styling pomade. The tacky formula of the pomade will help add texture to your bangs and make them easier to style.

You can contrast the texture of your choppy bangs against the rest of your hairstyle to help balance out the look. Straight bangs with softly brushed waves give your curls the illusion of extra movement and volume. You can maintain the look of straight brows by brushing back and forth with a bristle brush while using a blow dryer.

4 Choppy Fringe Styles to Try

Are you not sure which choppy fringe is right for you? We’re rounding up four different styles to show you how varied choppy bangs can be. If you don’t have a specific style in mind, your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist can help you choose the one that best suits your features.

Effortless Choppy Bangs

What we love about choppy bangs is that they’re meant to look lived in and unpolished, that effortless ‘bed head’ look. While not everyone has that look naturally, applying a little hair pomade gently through your bangs with your fingers will recreate the look. Hair pomade will give your bangs texture and more definition with a silky matte look.

Subtle Choppy Bangs

If you don’t want to commit to a statement fringe, start by adding subtle texture to your current style. Ask your stylist to vertically trim the ends of your fringe instead of cutting straight across for added texture.

Choppy Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been a client favorite for several years now as one of the most universally flattering styles. You can refresh your curtain bangs with a choppy cut and parting them in the middle to accentuate the face-framing effect.

Wavy Choppy Bangs

Choppy fringes work for all hair types. Wavy hair is one of the easiest textures to manage with a choppy fringe. Speak to your stylist about choosing a choppy fringe that works for your natural hair texture, and ask for advice on which styling products to use to maintain your waves.

Find your perfect fringe and experiment with the choppy fringe trend by booking an appointment with a stylist at 212 Salon and Day Spa today.


Why Your Hair Consultation Matters

The best way to achieve your hair goals is by having a consultation at the beginning of your appointment. Consultations are beneficial to both the stylist and the client. They ensure everyone is on the same page and you walk out of the salon with the right hairstyle for you. Consultations are a chance for you to talk about your hair journey and for the stylist to set realistic expectations of what you can achieve within one appointment.

Whether you’re looking for a xsubtle restyle or a drastic color change, consultations are important for every client. Your stylist will be able to offer advice about your hair type and help you choose a cut that complements your facial structures and features. Consultations ensure you get a hairstyle you’re confident with and know how to maintain at home.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, every hairstyling appointment starts with a short consultation. We’re sharing everything you need to know about hair consultations and how they benefit both the client and your stylist.

How Do Hair Consultations Work?

The hair consultation is usually the first part of your appointment. The time it’ll take will depend on what you want to achieve during your treatment. Some hair consultations can take a few minutes, while others can take 15 minutes or more.

You can expect to spend more time on your consultation if you’re going for a drastic change or a color treatment. Your stylist will help you set your expectations and determine how many follow-up appointments you may need during this consultation.

It’s a good idea to bring along reference photos to show your stylist the end goal you want to achieve. We recommend choosing no more than two or three photos and making it clear to your stylist what you specifically like about each reference picture. Referencing a celebrity and not bringing a photo along with you might cause unnecessary confusion between you and your stylist.

A pre-styling hair consultation will make your appointment run smoothly by allowing your stylist to gather everything they need before getting started. If you’re looking for a more dramatic change, whether it’s cut or color, booking a consultation before your appointment can help you set your expectations and decide what you want before the big day.

Consultations Are a 1-to-1 With Your Stylist

Treat your consultation as an exclusive 1-to-1 with your stylist. It’s a chance for you to pick their brains and take advantage of their haircare and styling knowledge. They’ll provide insight into what will work for your hair type and make personalized recommendations. Your stylist will let you know what will work aesthetically and realistically with your hair color and condition.

Listen to your stylist but don’t be afraid to politely correct them if they’ve misunderstood what you’re looking for. It’s easy for things to get lost in conversation and you want to create open dialogue during your consultation.

While you might come into the salon with a firm idea of what you want, don’t forget to take onboard your stylist’s recommendations. Not every hairstyle or length will work for every hair type. If you’re a dark brunette and expect to go blonde in one treatment, your stylist will probably tell you it’s not achievable. Your stylist will make a recommendation based on your hair type, condition, length, and thickness. Talking through your hair history will make it easier for your stylist to recommend a style that will give you the best results.

Consultations Ensure Everyone Is on The Same Page

Have you ever had your hair cut a little too short? Maybe you didn’t realize the maintenance involved in another hairstyle before getting it. Consultations ensure that everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises. A consultation will help put your nerves at ease if you’re anxious about making a dramatic restyle to your hair.

Your stylist will also use your consultation as a chance to recommend the best way for you to keep your hair healthy between appointments to maintain your results. Don’t skip over your consultation or forget to come prepared. It’s the best way to bring your hair goals into reality!

Consultations Deliver the Best Service Results

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we’re committed to delivering a tailored experience from the moment you walk into our salon. Our holistic approach to hair consultations starts by getting to know your hair and lifestyle.

Consultations are crucial for delivering the best results for color treatments. Your stylist will want to know about your hair history, from perms to blowouts and other chemical treatments. If your hair has been previously colored, your stylist will need to know the type of dye used, whether it was bleached, and how long it’s been since your last color. All these factors might not be immediately obvious to the naked eye but can drastically impact how your hair looks after your treatment.

You can trust your stylist to have your (and your hair’s!) best interest at heart. They’ll let you know whether it’s possible to achieve your color transformation in one treatment or recommend a treatment plan to get your desired look. Your stylist wants to help you achieve your hair goals, but without damaging the condition of your hair. While you may want a drastic single-session color treatment, your stylist may recommend multiple treatments if your hair is likely to suffer breakage. A little patience and a few extra treatments can keep your hair healthy and help you achieve your dream hair.

It's easy to think that consultations are just showing your stylist a picture of the hair you want. Treat your hair consultation like a trip to the doctor’s office. Use it as a chance to speak to your stylist about the condition of your hair and the best way to achieve your hair goals. Consultations are important for both the client and stylist, making sure everyone is on the same page.  Get one step closer to your dream hair by booking an appointment with a stylist at 212 Salon and Day Spa today.

Why a Massage Should Be Part of Your Self-Care Routine

Massages are becoming one of the most popular forms of self-care. Whether you’re visiting us at 212 Salon and Spa or attending a physical therapy clinic, everyone can benefit from regular massage therapy. It ticks all the boxes – from easing anxiety to reducing headaches and boosting your overall wellness. Massages are something we could all benefit from having in our self-care routines.

Almost 1 in 5 American adults had at least one massage over a 12-month period, according to research conducted in 2017. Over 40% of these adults booked a massage for health or medical reasons. While a massage can feel like a luxury experience, it can also help your body, mind, and soul.

Massages affect the body’s hormone production, producing a range of wellness benefits that make massage therapy more than just a spa treatment. Experience the benefits of a massage by booking a treatment at 212 Salon and Day Spa using our online portal.

Can Massages Improve Your Wellbeing?

During a massage, your therapist kneads and rubs the soft tissues throughout your body. You can have a full body massage or target your treatment on the ligaments, skin, muscle, or connective tissue you’re experiencing problems with. There’s a massage therapy treatment for everyone, allowing you to tailor your experience to your wellbeing needs.

One 10-minute muscle massage can reduce post-workout soreness by 30%, making regular massage treatments a must-have for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Science proves that we all leave a massage feeling happier and more relaxed. A massage boosts your body’s levels of dopamine and serotonin, the happy hormones, by around 30%.

Massages improve your well-being by boosting the activity of the vagus nerve in your nervous system. It creates a similar effect to meditating, relieving your stress levels, and reducing your body’s cortisol levels.

While you might book a massage as a birthday gift or an act of self-care, a massage has mental and physical benefits we can all take advantage of.

What to Expect from Your Massage

Every massage should be a relaxing experience. It’s a chance for you to disconnect and unwind in an inviting environment that’s designed to put you right at ease. Your therapist will speak to you beforehand about any specific concerns or aliments you have to tailor your massage experience. They’ll focus the treatment on any specific areas of tension.

Your massage therapist will instruct you to move in a few different positions, depending on your individual treatment. The oils used by your therapist will help to relax the knots and tension in your body to make them easy to remove during your massage.

The Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy

If you suffer from any form of physical pain, regular massages can be a game-changer. Conditions like nerve pain and sports injuries can be made more manageable with a massage. Reliving the knots and tension in your body and boosting your hormone production can improve circulation, decrease joint inflammation, and strengthen your immune responses.

If you’ve been feeling achy and sore, a massage can be just what the doctor ordered! Here are some of the physical benefits of massage therapy:

1. Improve Blood Flow and Circulation

Massaging the body helps to boost the movement of blood. Different massaging techniques work to target and heal specific muscles, alleviating the pressure and enabling new blood to flow more freely. Improved blood flow works to reduce high blood pressure.

2. Improved Recovery Time 

Whether you’re a budding athlete or enjoy outdoor sports, anyone can suffer from a soft tissue injury. The techniques used during a massage allow oxygen to flow more freely to the tissue and organs in the body, aiding with injury recovery. Whether it’s back pain or an old sports injury, regular massages can be the key to recovery.

3. Increased Flexibility and Movement

You’ll come out of your massage feeling relaxed and flexible. That’s right. Regular massages will relax muscle tension and make everyday life a little easier. Increased flexibility makes joint and muscle movement easier, whether you’re climbing stairs or reaching new fitness goals. A massage will help you breathe a little easier and move freer.

4. Fibromyalgia Pain Management 

Regular massages are recommended for those dealing with fibromyalgia, a long-term condition that causes pain throughout the body. While a massage can help to alleviate some of this pain, it can also have knock-on benefits for your overall wellness. Massage therapy can improve your sleep pattern, improve memory, and reduce mood symptoms. You’ll want to check in with your doctor and have a consultation with us before booking in for a massage.

5. Tension Headache Relief

Tension headaches can start popping up at the worst times. Whether you’re stressed at work or experiencing headaches out of the blue, a massage can alleviate your headache symptoms. A massage that targets your shoulders, head, and neck will help relieve muscle tension and make your headaches more manageable.

The Mental Benefits of Massage Therapy

It’s not just the physical benefits you’ll get from a massage. Most people book in for a massage to experience its mental benefits, from stress relief to reduced anxiety. You’ll walk out of your massage feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. There’s no better feeling than that post-massage high!

Here are some of the mental health benefits of massage therapy:

1. Stress Reliever 

We all go through times when we’re feeling stressed, whether it’s after starting a new job, looking for a house, or juggling everyday life. A massage is the ultimate form of self-care as a natural stress reliever. A massage reduces the body’s cortisol levels, the stress hormone that gives you high blood pressure, mood swings, and muscle weakness. Take a deep breath and relax as the stress slips away.

2. A Better Night’s Sleep 

Are you suffering from stress-induced insomnia? Treat yourself to a massage. While there are sleep hygiene habits you can incorporate into your everyday routine, a massage is one way to guarantee a good night’s sleep by relieving stress and loosening muscle tension.

Experience the benefits of massage at 212 Salon and Day Spa. Relax, unwind, and rejuvenate your soul with one of our specialist massage treatments. Book your massage appointment today and say goodbye to stress.

Why After Sun Gel Should Be in Your Summer Skincare Routine

If you’re a sun worshipper, you want a bottle of after sun gel on hand to reduce sun damage to your skin and prevent premature aging. After sun gel is a must – even if you’re committed to reapplying your SPF every three hours while out in the sun.

Using UV defensive products can boost your skin’s protective barrier, prevent premature aging, and lower your risk of melanoma and skin cancer. Your SPF and after sun routine shouldn’t be limited to your face – choose products that you can use all over your body for ultimate protection.

We’re sharing why after sun gel should be part of your summer skincare routine and our recommended product to throw in your pool bag.

What is After Sun Gel?

After sun is a moisturizing product that is designed to support the skin after prolonged UV exposure, commonly used to treat sunburns and skin irritation. Most after sun gels include ingredients like aloe vera and allantoin that soothe the skin to reduce pain and support cellular repair.

Many after sun products contain soothing ingredients that also contain anti-aging properties that stimulate your skin’s collagen production to repair damage and rejuvenate the skin. Look out for after sun products with ingredients like shea butter that deeply nourish the layers of your skin.

While SPF should be your number one priority, an after-sun gel can help soothe your skin if you’ve forgotten to reapply or find yourself exposed to high levels of UV radiation. Being at the beach or the pool can make it difficult to keep your sunscreen on, making an after sun gel a must-have to treat any potential burns or skin irritation.

You shouldn’t wait for your skin to become burnt or irritated by the sun to use an after-sun gel. It’s the ideal way to soothe your skin and give it a boost of hydration. After sun cannot ‘cure’ a sunburn, but it’s the first step in helping your skin recover from extensive UV exposure.

How to Use After Sun Products

A post-sun gel is essential when your skin feels burnt or inflamed after being in the sun. It’s designed to calm your skin upon first contact, providing instant relief. While it won’t heal the sunburn instantly, it will reduce pain and irritation.

Keep your after-sun products in the fridge or a cooler to keep them chilled. Applying cold after-sun products can support the healthy tissue in your skin as it seeks to repair your sunburnt skin.

You want to apply a generous amount of after sun to your skin, allowing it to soak in before putting on clothes or going into the water. An after-sun gel is a must-have for those with dry skin as it helps prevent peeling and cracking caused by excessive UV exposure. Apply after sun gel every day during summer and times of high UV exposure to keep your skin protected and hydrated all year round.

After-sun isn’t just for treating sunburnt skin. If you’ve got a natural tan, this hydrating post-sun product can prolong your tan’s lifespan and give you a bronze glow for longer. You can think of it as a two-in-one product that soothes your skin and gives you the most out of your natural tan.

Using SPF and After Sun Gel

It’s not enough to just use an SPF or to only pick up an after-sun gel to soothe burnt skin. You want to regularly be using both to treat your skin before, during, and after being in the sun.

Make sure you’re reapplying sunscreen throughout the day and use after sun as a preventative measure to soothe any potential skin irritation. It can also help to cool your skin down after a day at the beach.

After-sun can be applied once a day or as required if your skin is sunburnt. The key to helping your skin recover is to keep it hydrated to prevent peeling. A moisture-rich after sun gel will easily absorb into your skin to reduce inflammation.

The best way to apply after sun on irritated skin is to do so after having a cold shower and while your skin is still damp to increase absorption. Just like SPF, you want to be using an after-sun all year round to protect your skin, reduce irritation, and support your skin’s natural protective barrier.

How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

While we all love to get a summer tan, the safest way to give your skin a bronze glow is from a bottle or spray tan treatment. Prevention should always be your number one priority. Along with using SPF and after sun gel, there are extra steps you can take to protect your skin from the sun.

  • Stay cool by increasing your water intake to keep your skin and body hydrated.
  • Reapply your sunscreen every three hours and directly after being in the water.
  • Sit in the shade where possible and use a hat to protect your scalp and forehead.

Our Recommended After Sun Gel

Hydrate your skin after a day in the sun and give your tan an extra boost with Germaine de Capuccini’s ‘Icy Pleasure After Sun Repair Gel’. It’s our recommended body after-sun gel that soothes skin irritation, reduces redness, and has an exclusive anti-aging formula. Apply directly to the skin after

This innovative after sun gel is powered a UV dynamic system that protects against free radicals and UV radiation for up to 24 hours. It’s the perfect top-up for your daily SPF with water lily extract giving the gel anti-aging properties to protect and rejuvenate the skin.

The Germaine de Capuccini gel is suitable for all skin types and a must-have for your summer skincare routine. Throw a backup tube in your beach bag to give your skin the TLC it deserves.

You can pick up a tube of Germaine de Capuccini’s after-sun body repair gel during your next visit to 212 Salon and Day Spa.

How to Create the Iconic Haircuts of the ‘90s

The ‘90s is one of the most iconic eras of the 20th century. Whether it’s the girl power bands or the rise of the supermodel, the ‘90s delivered us trends and icons that are still going strong today. Some of the most sought-after hairstyles today first rose to popularity in the ‘90s, including the instantly-recognizable ‘Rachel’ haircut.

We’re taking a trip back to the ‘90s to explore some of the era’s most iconic haircuts. Our stylists are sharing how you can achieve a voluminous ‘90s look at home while playing with cut and texture.

The hairstylists at 212 Salon and Day Spa are here to help you achieve your hair goals, from the ‘Winona Pixie’ to the classic ‘Rachel’ haircut.

Iconic Haircuts from the ‘90s

Whether the ‘90s give you nostalgia or you were too young to enjoy its trends, the era gave some defining haircuts that come back every season. The iconic ‘90s haircuts focused on experimenting with cut and texture to create maximum volume.

Are you looking for a ‘90s haircut? These are the most popular ‘90s hairstyles that our clients love at 212 Salon and Day Spa. 

The Rachel

The defining sitcom of the ‘90s, Friends, has given us everything from memorable lines like “we were on a break” and “pivot! Pivot!” to the ‘Rachel’ haircut. While Friends has been off-air since 2004, Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle in the early seasons of the show became just as popular as the franchise itself.

The ‘Rachel’ is all about using choppy layers to frame your face with a voluminous blow-dry. While the haircut is a chic statement, it’s notoriously tricky to style. You’ll want to work with your stylist to find a version of this ‘90s haircut that works for you.

Jennifer Aniston herself admitted that the style is high maintenance and one she struggled with off-set. It’s not for the light-hearted and will regular a little extra TLC to keep its sleek look.

You can maintain the ‘Rachel’ haircut at home by sectioning your hair before blow-drying it away from your face with a hot barrel brush, finishing off with pinned rollers to create a bouncy finish.

The Winona Pixie

It’s not just long hairstyles that can experiment with layers. The ‘Winona Pixie’ is proof you can have fun with any hair length. This laidback style was the ultimate cool girl look of the ‘90s and has been reinvented countless times since by celebrities like Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway.

What makes the Winona Pixie different is that it leaves the hair slightly longer around the ears and neck, framing the face more than a traditional close pixie cut.

You’ll want to invest in a hair pomade to maintain the shape and sleek finish of this ‘90s hairstyle.

Fluffy Fringes

The ’90s was the era of the fringe. One of the easiest ways to change up your look is to experiment with a fringe. Every hit ‘90s TV show had at least one main character rocking a feathered fringe – like Tiffani Thiessen in ‘Saved by the Bell’. 

While a fringe can feel intimidating, a blow-dry brush is the secret to keeping your fringe looking fluffy and voluminous at home. Speak to your stylist to determine the right fringe for your face shape and feature, whether you’re considering full bangs or a sleek side fringe.

Another ‘90s hair trend in this category is “claw bangs”, a peekaboo style that defines your feathers and elongates your face. A round brush is your best friend to create the claw shape swoosh of the fringe.

Creating Voluminous ‘90s Looks at Home

The ‘90s offer hairstyle inspiration for every aesthetic and lifestyle, whether you want a low-maintenance pixie or a bouncy blow-out. There’s one thing that almost every ‘90s hairstyle has in common – volume.

Every blockbuster ‘90s movie had the lead actress rocking a voluminous blowout. Picture Alicia Silverstone in ‘Clueless’ or Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’. These hairstyles were usually achieved after a trip to the hair salon, but you can recreate the voluminous ‘90s hairstyle at home with the right tools and technique.

Hair health is crucial. You want to invest in a haircare routine that prioritizes moisture and shine, from using the right shampoo for your hair type to indulging in regular hair masks and oils. ‘90s volume is high maintenance but it’s a routine anyone can master.

You’ll need a fine-toothed comb, volumizing spray, hairspray, and either rollers or a heated roll brush to create the look at home. Wash your hair and wait until it’s 70% dry before using your heated brush or rollers to create loose waves.

Adding a little hairspray to your rollers before applying them can help them grip your hair for a better curl. Finish with your heated roller brush or remove your rollers before shaking out your curls. Go the extra mile with a little backcombing at the root for extra volume.

Speak to your stylist for tips and tricks on maintaining your voluminous ‘90s blow-out at home and for product recommendations that suit your hair type.

Playing with Cut and Texture for Fun

Nostalgic ‘90s haircuts are all about having fun with cuts and texture. The chopped cuts that dominated the era don’t require your hair to be a certain texture to work. Celebrities like Jenna Ortega have brought back the laidback hairstyle that gives a feminine twist to the shaggy look.

A choppy cut is low-maintenance and effortlessly chic, giving you the freedom to play around with styling or keep it casual.

It’s surfer-chic meets ‘90s girl power. Work with your hairstylist to create a cut and texture that works for your natural hair and the level of maintenance that you want. You can embrace your natural frizz with face-framing bangs and choppy layers that are effortlessly chic.

If there’s anything you should learn from ‘90s hair trends, it’s that a little volume goes a long way. Experimenting with cut and texture can give you a new look without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Recreate your favorite ‘90s hairstyle by booking an appointment at 212 Salon and Day Spa today.