What You Need To Go Back to School in Style

We asked local fashion experts Guy and Donna Losauro, owners of Montclair’s 212 Salon and Day Spa, their suggestions on how students can begin the school year in style.

Let’s start with the most obvious, and that is new clothes. Nothing is better than recharging the wardrobe and jumping into the latest trends. What I recommend is starting with the basics. Denim jeans and jackets, sweaters, and plaid, long-sleeved button downs. Then start adding accessories like vests, undershirts, and baseball caps. These items will add another layer (literally) to your look. For those new shoes, nothing goes better with autumn wear than brown boots. They are a perfect complement to the cascade of blues, reds, and oranges.

Now don’t do thing half way. A new wardrobe should have a new haircut to match. When the weather starts cooling off, women can breathe that sigh of relief and finally bring their hair back down. Time to break out those lush natural curls, or create them using a three-quarter inch curling iron, hairspray, and a good amount of time. That or volumize and blow dry into rumpled waves. Those looking to shake things up can consider adding ombré highlights. Ask your colorist for highlights that are a touch lighter than your natural hue. Have the highlight applied into the ends and randomly throughout, leaving the roots untouched. This look is perfect for those who sported the bob for the summer and now have grown it out.

For men, the most popular looks have been with the side cut tight and short, with the top left a few inches longer. The hair is textured with pomade or gel, and parted and combed to the sides. The boldest keep the short sides, but grow out the top and tie it into the currently trending “man bun”.

Last are the supplies. We aren’t talking about a new stock of pencils and notebooks. The classroom has evolved with the technology. Log your assignments and schedules into your phone and send alerts to your smartwatch so that you never miss a beat. It also may be of worth to pick up an Amazon Kindle. From middle school into college, you are going to be buying book after book after book. A small investment will save you money, and space in your backpack.

And there you have it. New clothes, new cut, and some new gadgets that will have you starting the school year off right.

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