What Your Mother Wants for her Mother’s Day

A few days ago, online coupon giant, RetailMeNot, released a comprehensive survey of what gifts mother’s are looking to receive for Mother’s Day. A little hint: it’s not flowers.

While 9 out of 10 consumers will be treating their mom with a special gift this Mother’s Day, their number one purchase will be flowers with “a nice meal” following in close second. But what does mom really want? Well, the votes are in and the results are as follow:

  • Moms want to treat themselves: 13% of moms want to hit the spa. Nearly 3 out of 10 mothers believe that Mother’s Day is day for pampering and relaxation.
  • Moms want to shop: 27% of mothers told RetailMeNot that they would like a gift card, whether it can be used anywhere, for a favorite shop, or can be redeemed for a specific service.
  • Moms want help: Above all, 30% of moms said they wanted someone to clean for them, 20% want someone to take care of the family cooking, and 14% want someone to watch their children.

Notice any flowers on that list? So walk away from the floral shop, and maybe head to your local spa to pick up a gift card for your dear mother. For residents of North Jersey, 212 Salon and Day Spa is running a Mother’s Day Special that can be viewed here (link).

If you are still unsure of what to get mom, here are some more facts to guide you. An overwhelming majority of mothers (58%) rather be gifted something sentimental. Whatever you do decide to get here, if it’s from the heart, then you need not worry if she will like it or not. Even if she didn’t, she’d never let you know. About 54% of mothers have never returned a gift, and 75% have never tossed an unwanted gift away.

For those who would like to contact 212 Salon and Day Spa I have included their information below. Happy shopping!