Why Now Is The Time To Experiment With Peek a Boo Highlights

If you’ve been putting off experimenting with color, now is the perfect time to give it a go. Peek a boo highlights are one of the signature trends for 2021. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to change up their look without coloring their roots. With COVID-19 meaning that we’re spending more time at home and swapping the office for our kitchen tables, there’s never been a better time to give peek a boo highlights a go. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the trend, so you’ll be ready to come to see us at 212 Salon and Day Spa to try it out for yourself.


What are Peek a Boo Highlights?

This trend isn’t as complicated as you might think it is. Peek a boo highlights are placed underneath your hair to let you keep your natural hair color on top while mixing it up with the vibrant shades of your highlights. They’re the perfect alternative to an all-over color if you don’t want to commit to a full head of pink or blue hair. Your peek a boo highlights are disguised under a layer of your natural hair.

These highlights peak out from underneath your natural locks, just like a game of hide and seek. While your hair is down, the peek a boo highlights can be hidden under your natural hair color. When you style your hair up, you can let the highlights make a statement.

With peek a boo highlights, you can try out a spectrum of colors from the same tonal family or mix and match your favourites together. You can choose where you want to experiment with peek a boo highlights and if you want to run them all over your hair or keep them hidden in the back sections. You should consider how you typically style your hair when you’re choosing where to place your peek a boo highlights. Most people choose to add the highlights to the bottom underlays of your hair, while other people experiment with their bangs and the front of their hair.

When you opt for peek a boo highlights, you don’t need to worry about bleaching your hair, and you can choose natural colors or choose something outside the box. You can rock peek a boo highlights at any length, from a pixie cut through to Rapunzel-length hair. If you love to style your hair in up-dos and curls, you’ll be able to achieve a whole new look with peek a boo highlights.

Peek a boo highlights are also easier to maintain than an overall color. You don’t need to worry about root touch-ups, meaning you can go longer between maintenance appointments. Depending on how quickly your hair grows and how it holds a color, you will usually want to touch-up your peek a boo highlights every six to eight weeks. You can also have a follow-up appointment to add attention color and highlight strands to your hair if you fall in love with the peek a boo look.


What colors are Best for Peek a Boo Highlights?

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we think every color works for this trend. Don’t be afraid to choose your favourite colors, such as pastels pinks and bubblegum blues. If you’re struggling to decide a color, it’s a good idea to consider your skin’s undertones. When you have a pink undertone to your skin, colors such as blue will naturally compliment your complexion. For warm undertones, a yellow or golden color of peek a boo highlights would work best.

You can get as creative as you want with peek a boo highlights. This trend allows you to experiment with colors in a way you might not be able to with other styles like ombre. Gone are the days when highlights only came in blonde and caramel shades. The rulebook has gone out the window, and you can express your personality with your peek a boo highlights. You can use your imagination to come up with unique color combinations, such as tropical inspired looks.

When you’re searching online for inspiration for your peek a boo highlights, you’ll see a rainbow of colors. While it’s popular to use the technique to add pastels to your hair, you can also opt for more neutral tones. You can choose a color that is several tones lighter or darker than your natural color to change your look without looking too artificial. Copper is an ideal shade for brunettes, while platinum is a great choice for dirty blondes.

With peek a boo highlights, you have the full creative freedom to choose what colors you want to use. If you want to play it safe, feel free to stick to one color for your highlights. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can choose three or four colors to get the full rainbow-inspired peek a boo illusion.


How To Look After Your Peek a Boo Highlights

When you add any color to your hair, you need to alter your haircare routine to keep your highlights looking vibrant, while keeping your locks healthy. You’ll want to change up your shampoo and conditioner for ones that are specially formulated with colored hair in mind. You will want to add a hair mask to your routine to help nourish your hair. Hair oils and serum can also help you keep your peek a boo highlights looking fresh.

Deciding to experiment with peek a boo highlights comes with a little maintenance, but with us all staying at home because of COVID-19, it’s the best time to give the trend a go.

Peek a boo highlights are the perfect way to experiment with color in your hair, especially if your workplace doesn’t allow overall vibrant colors. While we’re working from home and sheltering in place, it’s the time to try something new. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you deserve to have some fun and do something that sparks joy. Call in to see us at 212 Salon and Day Spa to make your booking for a set of peek a boo highlights today.