Why You Should Continue Your Salon Education

Being a stylist means that your skillset is always evolving. You’re constantly learning new things – from the latest trends to mastering new techniques. Finishing your initial training will set you up to start trading as a hairstylist, but it isn’t enough to keep you at the top of your game.

Hairstylists are proof of the ethos of lifelong learning. Continuing your education will put you at the forefront of the latest innovations in the industry. You’ll master the art of balayage, the latest coloring techniques, and skills that can set your business apart.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is vital in every industry, but especially in our industry. Your CPD will ensure that you understand the latest products and techniques while enhancing your customer service skills. There’s no better investment you can make than in your education.

At 212 Salon and Spa, our classes allow you to continue your salon education on your own time. Our classes are held regularly and cover all cuts and colors. We offer curated lessons for assistants and stylists to tailor your education to you.

Continuing your education is one of the best investments any stylist can make. We’re sharing why every hairstylist should take regular classes to continue their education and development.

Mastering the Latest Techniques

Stylists are expected to do it all. Every client is different, and you never know what to expect. You could be jumping from a cut and color to a balayage treatment and a money piece. Adaptability and versatility are two skills every stylist needs.

Whether you offer a portfolio of services or specialize in specific treatments, you want to stay up to date with the latest techniques. Getting salon experience is also vital for newer stylists. Don’t underestimate the value of getting an in-salon education from colorists and hairstylists at the top of their game.

Learning new techniques can also keep you inspired. Being a hairstylist requires you to tap into your creativity. If you’re doing the same treatments every day, it’s easy to fall into a rhythm. Mastering new techniques allow you to tap into your creative side and stay excited about your work.

Staying Relevant with Trending Hairstyles

Hairstyle trends come and go. The trends you were taught during your initial training may no longer be in style. Investing in classes will allow you to develop your portfolio and introduce new hairstyles for your clients to try.

Staying relevant is vital for hairstylists. While you’ll often have a core group of clients, failing to offer the latest trends could see you lose clients. Continuing your education is the secret to being competitive. With a potential recession on the horizon, offering something different is what can future-proof your business.

Build Your Business

Are you a hairstylist thinking of going freelance or launching your own business? You’ll want to invest in classes to build your skill set and enhance your technical skills. Getting in-salon experience can give you an essential insight into how you can run your own salon or business.

Investing in education is an investment in the success of your business. Your skill set is your biggest asset. You might also choose to invest in training for your hairstylists if you’ve already built your business. Regular training for stylists will help you retain your talent, boost engagement, and maintain staff loyalty.

Your initial training will give you the building blocks you need to start your journey as a stylist. It’s how you continue your education that will set you apart from other stylists and salons.

Experimenting with Color Trends

Every salon has something that makes it special. You want to find your USP and lean into it. Experimenting with color trends is part of this. Color trends have extended beyond just the colors themselves.

Undertones, placement, and pigment play a vital role in your technique. Investing in hairstylist classes will allow you to experiment with trends and learn new techniques. Technique is everything for coloring. While your skillset will develop with time, investing in classes is the best way to go back to basics and master new coloring trends.

These trends also include treatments that are rivaling traditional coloring methods, such as balayage, ombre, wet-lights, and French glossing. As these color treatments continue to evolve, you’ll want to keep your portfolio fresh with salon-based classes. Continuing your education will enable you to focus your skillset on a niche or develop a portfolio of treatments to offer at your salon.

Building Your Reputation

Your clients are placing their trust in you when they visit your salon. Everything from your equipment to your skillset plays a role in the final product. Continuing your education helps to build credibility with your clients. You can develop your experience within a niche or diversify your portfolio to attract new clients.

Gone are the days when trade shows were one of the only ways for stylists to continue their education. It’s never been easier to have your finger on the pulse. You can develop your skills every day by using the tools that are right at your fingertips. Social media has the power to bring the industry to you, from exploring the latest trends to researching new techniques.

Investing in salon-based classes will give you the chance to expand and refresh your skillset. Whatever stage you are in your career, these classes can revitalize your skills and help to build your reputation with clients.

Continue Your Journey with 212 Salon + Spa

Hair trends and techniques are constantly changing. Continuing your salon education is vital for offering your clients the best service. Refining your skillset through regular classes will allow you to build a reputation, develop your portfolio, and grow your business.

Contact our team today to find out more about our educational classes that cover all cuts and colors. We’ll teach you the latest trends and techniques that are taking the industry by storm.

Our Monday classes are held once to twice a month with specific classes for assistants and stylists. Use our contact form to enquire about our upcoming salon classes.