80s Hair Trends are Back | Meet the Modern Perm Bob

Perms are the original love/hate relationship. The hair trend came to symbolize the ‘80s, immortalizing the iconic look of stars like Cher, Dolly Parton, and Sarah Jessica Parker. But the iconic ‘80s perm was a hair trend that required you to suffer to get the look. Anyone who grew up in the ‘80s will remember the dreaded perm cap.

Millennials and Gen Z are rediscovering the wonder of the perm and its bohemian chicness, bringing the hair trend back for Spring/Summer 2023. The modern perm bob is all about adding texture and dimension to your hair, perfect for a summer by the beach.

We’re deep diving into the world of the ‘80s perm and how you can experiment with the modern perm to create a voluminous, curly bob for spring and summer.

What is a perm?

Turn on any classic movie from the ‘80s and you’ll come face to face with the decade’s most popular hair trend, the perm. It’s a hair treatment that transforms naturally straight hair into permanent curls using chemicals that reset the hair’s bonds to alter its appearance to create curls or waves.

The process involves wrapping the hair in rods to create your desired curl pattern. While the ‘80s perm favored tight curls, the modern perm bob calls for a looser beach curl that focuses on volume. Your stylist will be able to adjust your treatment depending on the look you’re aiming for.

Once your curls are wrapped, the stylist will apply a perm lotion to help set the curl. After this, they’ll rinse out the lotion and add a neutralizer to stop the perming process.

It’s always best to have a professional hair stylist perm your hair due to the chemicals involved.

Can perms damage your hair?

Any type of chemical or color treatment can damage your hair. Not everyone is a candidate for perms. You’ll want to avoid perming your hair if you’ve heavily bleached or highlighted your hair as it can lead to more damage. Wait until your hair regains its strength before experimenting with perming. Your stylist will be able to advise you on whether your hair is suitable for a chemical perm.

The process of perming your hair will leave it feeling dried out, meaning you’ll need to give it more TLC. Getting a perm will require you to commit to maintaining your hair and taking active steps to keep it healthy, including cutting down on the amount of heat you’re using when styling. You’ll want to invest in moisture-rich products that can help your hair bounce back from your treatment.

How long will a perm bob last?

Not all perms last the same length of time. It depends on how tight your curls are wrapped. The tighter the curl, the slower it will drop. However, tighter curls usually create a sharper line when your hair starts to grow.

Looser girls will have a less visible regrowth line, giving you a more natural look as your perm grows out over time. Most people will get 3 to 4 months of wear from their perm if they choose a soft body wave. A tighter wave can last from 5 to 7 months.

Meet the Modern Perm

The ‘80s perm has made a quiet and gradual return to hair trends. Just like the way our favorite crocs have become mainstream fashion. Much like crocs, the perm has evolved with time. Gone are the days when a perm would leave your hair feeling brittle and dry. New innovative wrapping techniques will have you walking out of the salon with soft and shiny hair.

The modern perm is the perfect look for spring and summer. It swaps out the tight processed curls of the ‘80s for a look that focuses on adding texture and volume. You can channel your inner Julia Roberts or Sarah Jessica Parker with a voluminous loose perm that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Perm bobs are one of the biggest hair trends that we’re seeing at 212 Salon and Day Spa. There are two main options for the modern perm that you can choose between, depending on your desired look and hair type.

Body Wave Perms

Are you looking for extra movement in your hair? Body wave perms are the perfect way to add more volume to your hair to create a textured base that helps maintain your hairstyles for longer. Your stylist will create this modern perm using a larger rod to produce a looser and more versatile curl type.

Beach Wave Perms

Want a laidback, bohemian look? Create your perm bob with beach wave curls. This treatment gives you a more youthful look and is ideal for those experimenting with perming for the first time. It requires less maintenance and will change up your look without the dramatic effect of a tighter curl.

Don’t forget that a perm is a commitment. You can’t undo the treatment, so you’ll have to wait for it to grow out within 3 to 6 months. We recommend starting with a beach wave perm before advancing to a body wave perm if you decide on a tighter curl.

How to Maintain Your Perm Bob

Legally Blonde taught us all the first rule of getting a perm – don’t get your hair wet for at least 24 hours after your treatment. It’s the golden rule for maintaining your perm bob. We recommend waiting at least two days post-treatment to wash your hair and avoid combing it for the first 24 hours.

Don’t forget that your perm will make your hair act as like natural curls, meaning you’ll want to invest in products formulated for curly hair. Choosing moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners will help keep your hair healthy and allow you to get the most out of your perm.

Experiment with this modern take on an ‘80s trend by booking an appointment with your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist using our online portal today.