The New Peek-a-Boo Hair Trend Taking Social Media by Storm

We’ve all thought of changing our hair color but might not want to fully commit. You might have black hair and have always dreamt of what it would be like to be a blonde. Perhaps you’re drawn to pastel hues but can’t commit to an all-over shade.

While the peek-a-boo hair trend is nothing new, its latest evolution is all about making a bold statement with contrasting hues. This hair trend went viral on TikTok and is most recognizable as the style worn by Helen McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Potter.

You’ll see this trend being called everything from ‘inner color’ to ‘under-hair’. It creates the illusion of hiding the contrasting shade under your natural or predominant color. It gives you the option of having fun with hairstyles that show off your mix-and-match colors or allow you to keep it more subtle for day-to-day wear.

Our team of stylists at 212 Salon and Day Spa is on hand to help you experiment with this new peek-a-boo color trend.

What is the Underlights Trend?

Underlights is a hair coloring trend that has evolved from the peekaboo style. It’s all about giving you the chance to be creative with your hair without committing to an all-over color. Underlights – also known as hidden hair – is a fuss-free style with comes with less maintenance than traditional highlights or hair coloring trends.

The section of hair that is dyed is hidden under your predominant hair color when worn loose. You can choose to let the color ‘peek’ out when you style your hair. It gives you total styling freedom, whether you want to stay low-key or show off your underlights with braids or a TikTok-approved high ponytail.

While blonde underlights are one of the most popular options, you can explore the full color wheel. Nothing is off-limits with this hair trend!

Peekaboo underlights are placed beneath the top layer of your hair, usually featuring a gradual tint from front to back, peeking out from under your hair like a surprise. You can also choose to add your underlights as a single color for

Think of peekaboo underlights as the trendy little sister of highlights. While highlights create a natural blend, peekaboo underlights are all about exploring color in new and playful ways. It’s the perfect choice for fans of updos or those who want to experiment with a bold color palette.

Your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist will help you find a fun and unique way to explore this trend that compliments your favorite hairstyles.

Why We Love the Underlights Trend

Underlights give your hair a whole new layer of versatility. You can make the color as discreet as you like or be bold and daring with a bright shade. One of the main benefits of underlights is that you’re only coloring one layer of your hair, causing less damage than an all-over color.

Spring and summer are the perfect time to have fun with the underlights trend. Choose a fun, vibrant shade, or keep it classic with a contrasting hue for a contrasting look.

We love the undelights trend as a low-maintenance alternative to an all-over color. You can let the color grow out as it’s not placed at the roots and book your touch-ups in your leisure.

You can jump on the bandwagon of a bold statement color without making a long-term commitment. Opting for underlights can help you maintain your hair’s health and reduce the number of trips you’ll take to the salon for regular touch-ups.

How We Create the Underlights Look

There are two different ways we can recreate the underlights trend on your hair – either using foils for a splash of color or freehand painting, like a balayage. Your stylist will be able to advise you on which option is best for your desired look.

Medium to long length hair is ideal for this trend. You’ll want minimal layering that creates enough of an effect for your chosen color to peek out from under the top layers of your hair.

We can still recreate the underlights look on short hair. Your stylist will focus the color on strategic places and usually at the ends of your bangs to create the ‘peekaboo’ look.

Which Underlight Color Combos to Try

There are no rules when it comes to choosing your color combos for the underlight trend. You can go as crazy and bold as you like or keep it subtle with a lesser contrasting shade. The first step to choosing your underlight color combo is to decide between a complementing or contrasting shade.

Lean into the ‘90s glam trend by choosing a super-contrasted look. One of the most popular color combos for the underlight trend is adding platinum blonde to natural brunette hair or dark underlights for a natural blonde. Choosing two colors on opposite ends of the spectrum will mean you’ll have a little more maintenance to achieve a polished look.

The easiest way to experiment with the underlight trend is to choose a low-contrasting combo. This color trick is one you’ll see all over Instagram, as well as being Hailey Bieber’s signature look. It looks like an ombre effect but uses stronger highlights on your hair’s underside.

Create a more natural look by choosing a shade two hues lighter or darker than your natural hair color for a subtle blend. You’ll get the benefit of changing up your hair without making a drastic change. It’s the perfect refresh for spring and summer.

This peek-a-boo color trend is going to be everywhere this spring and summer with regular touch-ups every six to eight weeks at most. You can even stretch your maintenance appointments for up to six months, depending on the layers in your hair.

Your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist will let you know if your hair will require any bleaching to reach your desired color combo. Book your appointment for an underlights treatment using our online portal today.