Meet Root Blurring – The Latest Natural-Looking Root Trend

Your roots will always grow out. It’s a reality of having highlights or colored hair. You don’t have to dread your roots growing out – thanks to one of the biggest fall hair trends. ‘Root blurring’ – also known as ‘root smudging’ – is a technique that adds a natural look to dyed hair that has roots of more than 3 inches.

Say bye-bye to dark grown-out roots and say hello to the perfect transitional hairstyle that will take you effortlessly through to fall and winter. Root blurring – and its similar techniques – elevates your roots with a clever color placement that creates a seamless finish.

The beauty of root blurring is that it can help you get the most out of your color and add time between each dye appointment. We’re sharing everything that you need to know about root blurring and why it’s a fall trend that you want to consider for your dyed hair.


What is root blurring?

Root blurring is designed to save your highlights – and your wallet – by lengthening your time between color treatments. We’ve all dealt with the pain of highlights growing out and dark or grey roots taking shape. You can rejuvenate your months-old highlights or hair color with the help of this innovative treatment.

Root blurring is a technique that focuses on creating a high contrast in your roots. It works by using darker tones than your roots to create a natural-looking contrast. The blurring effect kicks in as it adds darker tones to your roots while keeping the lighter tones towards the ends of your hair.

A similar technique is called root smudge. It works in the opposite direction, using lighter colors instead of darker shades for your roots. It produces a more balanced contrast across your roots and the ends of your hair. If you’re looking for the most natural finish, try this style of root blurring.

Whether it’s grey hairs or your roots growing out, this innovative technique is perfect for those wanting a low-maintenance hairstyle that updates their look for fall and winter. This technique helps to blend away grey hairs and root re-growth, whatever your natural hair color is.


Who can benefit from root blurring?

Root blurring is the perfect treatment for you if you’re looking to get the most out of your highlights or hair dye. The treatment does exactly what it says on the tin. It blurs your roots with a lighter or darker color that helps to diminish the harshness of your roots and create a more natural look.

This technique effectively creates a shadow in your hair that distracts the eye away from over-grown roots. If you want to keep your hair in tip-top shape without investing in a whole new head of foils or dye, root blurring is a friendlier option for your hair and wallet. Incorporating root blurring into your hair maintenance can help you go as long as three months between dye treatments to keep your hair healthy and to get the most out of your dye.

During the summer, most of us choose to lighten our hair for a beach-ready look. Once fall hits, you want to give your hair a slightly darker or warmer appearance to fit the season and the colder weather. This coloring technique is becoming a favorite amongst stylists and clients alike, creating a subtle and natural look that is effortlessly understated.

Transitioning your hair through to fall and winter

Root blurring can also be the perfect solution if you want to seamlessly transition your hair through the seasons without doing an all-over hair change. It’s one of the biggest hair trends for fall and the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to an entirely new look.

What we love about root blurring is that it is subtle and sophisticated. It’s all about creating an illusion with your hair that helps expand the lifespan of your highlights without worrying about a dark grow-out.

All the fall 2021 hair trends are about adding warmth to your hair. Traditionally, fall hair trends have focused on going for darker colors. These new trends are season-less and instead focus on creating transitional hairstyles that take you seamlessly from one season to the next.


Other treatments similar to root blurring

There are other treatments and techniques that you can use for a similar effect on your roots. Each of these treatments works similarly to root blurring and changes up the appearance of your roots for a softer look.

A root tap is designed for those with blonde hair and who want to keep their hair as bright and blonde as possible. This technique is ideal to use a few weeks after dying your hair when your roots start to develop. A root tap softens the foil lines at the end of your roots and encourages a softer grow out.

Another similar treatment – often considered the same as root blurring – is root smudging. The difference arises in so far as root smudging is all about added brightness without giving you an artificial look to your roots. With this technique, the added color will be a tone lighter than your natural shade.

A third technique that you can try is called ‘root melt’. It is ideal for brunettes or blondes looking for darker contrast. It’s another fall trend that is perfect for transitioning your color from the warmer to colder months.

The difference between this method and the others is that it works with shades two or more hues deeper than your natural root shade. You can choose the root blurring method that works best for your desired look, whether you want to brighten your blonde or add a warmer undertone.

If you’re looking to update your highlights or color for fall, the root blurring trend is our number one recommendation. You can give your hair the TLC it needs at 212 Salon and Day Spa by booking in for a root blurring treatment with one of our talented stylists.