Meet the Seasonal Hair Colors Everyone is Talking About

Summer has turned to autumn. Winter is right around the corner. As the seasons change, so do our hairstyles. When the temperatures start to drop, hair shades become darker and warmer. While we love a lighter look during the summer, autumn is a time to experiment with darker shades and warm tones. If you’ve been thinking of changing up your look, autumn is the perfect time to try something new.

Seasonal hair colors are one of the biggest trends in the industry right now. The beauty of this trend is that you don’t have to drastically change the color of your hair. It’s all about playing with tones and shades to give your hair a new look to transition through the season. Whether you’re a cool ashy blonde or a redhead, you can have fun with your hairstyle this autumn and winter.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we love to see our clients trying something different. If you want to get your hair ready for the festive season, these are the seasonal hair colors that everyone is talking about.

Add warmth to cool ashy blonde locks

Do you feel like your cool blonde locks are too bright for winter? You can help you transition to winter with a seasonal hair color. You can add depth to your hair by adding warm cream hues to bring an extra dimension to your hair and give it a golden finish.

Nicknamed ‘honey blonde’, this hair color is a winner year-round and perfect for party season. It’s effortlessly chic and gives your hair a more natural and understated look than cooler ash shades. When you add creamy blonde hues to your hair, it instantly becomes more luminous.  You can update your blonde locks for autumn and winter with a full head of highlights to lift your natural color and bring it to life.

This creamy warm shade of blonde looks as soft as cashmere and is a go-to shade for celebrities like Poppy Delevingne. It’s worth considering the maintenance that comes with a light and luminous shade like this. You’ll want to book in for regular treatment and give your hair the TLC it needs with bond-strengthening products to protect and repair your hair at the cuticle.

While we love platinum and ash blonde hues for spring and summer, autumn, and winter call for something warmer. We’ll work with you to create a contrast between your cooler locks and the new warmer shade to give you a multi-tonal effect that looks natural and is universally flattering.


Say hello to espresso brunettes

Blondes aren’t the only ones adding warmth to their hair. ‘Espresso brunette’ is a shade that adds warmth and chocolate-inspired hues to deepen your brunette locks. If you spend autumn and winter indulging in rich shades of red and berry hues with your makeup, you’ll love this hair color.

Espresso hair takes its name from the coffee undertones of the hair. Just like your favorite caffeinated drink, espresso brunette is a blend of black and brown hues to create a seamless look. If you want to experiment with the dark side, espresso brunette is a seasonal color that is easy to maintain if you’re starting from a darker hair shade. You’ll need regular touch-ups, but it’s fairly low maintenance for a showstopping autumn and winter look.

If you plan to switch to espresso, you’ll want to upgrade your hair-care routine to include products formulated for color-treated hair. It’s a good idea to invest in a heat protector and lower the heat on your hot tools while embracing your hair’s natural texture.


Meet the ‘Bronde’ hybrid

Are you struggling to decide between blonde and brunette? Why not have the best of both worlds? ‘Bronde’ takes everything we love about these two hair colors and blends them into one. It’s one of the biggest trends in the hair industry right now and is a favorite of celebrities like Jessica Alba.

The secret to achieving this glowing look is to incorporate a golden balayage into your hairstyle, making sure to keep the blonde looking fresh by avoiding any brassiness. You want to make sure to keep the brunette base healthy and shiny for a seamless finish. It’s the perfect hairstyle for those who love to curl their hair or add a hint of a wave to show off the two-tonal effect.

Whether you’re a brunette who wants to brighten their hair or a blonde looking to transition to a darker shade, ‘bronde’ is universally flattering. The color trend is making a return thanks to the nostalgia for early 2000s fashion and beauty. Bronde was originally popularized by Gisele Bundchen in 2007 when she was at the height of her supermodel career.


Be fierce with intense copper shades

Redheads have no fear – we’ve not forgotten about you! As autumn turns to winter, give your hair a transitional look by embracing intense copper hues. These hues are perfect for the festive season and are guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd. We’ll work with you to choose a copper hue that is intense and flatters your complexion without being too overpowering.

If you’re looking for a softer way of embracing this trend, ask for an auburn-copper hybrid to keep your hair light with a bolder undertone. We love to see intense copper shades with a high shine finish. They’re effortlessly chic and create the fire-kissed look that is perfect for autumn and winter.

You can think of intense copper as being the ‘pumpkin spice’ of the autumnal hair trends. It’s one we find ourselves gravitating to every year. Copper shades are an ideal choice for brunettes wanting a softer look or blondes trying something new.

Are you thinking of embracing a new hairstyle for autumn and winter? Our team of talented stylists is here to help you experiment with the latest seasonal hair trends. Get in touch with us today to secure your appointment for a great hair day.