The 90s Hair Trends Coming Back in 2023

t’s time to embrace your inner Rachel Green or Carrie Bradshaw. The 90s are back – at least for hair trends. ‘90s kids are letting nostalgia fuel their experiments with the era’s iconic hair trends, while Gen Z is discovering the decade’s hairstyles for the first time.

The ‘90s are a defining time for everything from TV shows to fashion trends. It was a time of prosperity with a happy-go-lucky feel that we all want to embrace for 2023. ‘90s trends are coming back into style, proving the theory that trends work on a cycle.

While ‘90s hair trends are back in vogue for 2023, a little styling can give these trends a contemporary feel. Our stylists at 212 Salon and Day Spa are working with clients to add a ‘90s flare to their favorite hairstyles. We’re sharing the 90s hair trends that will be everywhere in 2023.

Looking to refresh your look? Throw it back to the ‘90s.

The Rachel

Few hairstyles are as legendary as ‘The Rachel’. This trend takes its name from Rachel Green, Jennifer Anniston’s character in the sitcom ‘Friends’. While Jennifer Aniston has mixed feelings about her iconic look, The Rachel is a fool-proof hairstyle that always comes back in style.

It was created by Chris McMillan for Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ character with a focus on layers. You can think of Aniston as one of the OG influencers. The hairstyle came to define the ‘90s with the term ‘The Rachel’ becoming universally recognized – both in and out of salons.

You can give ‘The Rachel’ a 2023 update by experimenting with face-framing bands and opting for shorter layers with warm highlights.  

The High Ponytail

One of the chicest ‘90s trends is the high ponytail. It’s universally flattering and makes you look instantly put together. This ‘90s hair trend works for any occasion and gives you the perfect excuse to experiment with hair accessories (another ‘90s classic!). You can give the high ponytail a contemporary feel by keeping your hair sleek and frizz-free for a Kardashian-worthy style.

The Baby Spice 

The ‘90s were a time of girl power. The Spice Girls are as legendary today as they were in the ‘90s. While Victoria Beckham is still setting fashion trends, Baby Spice’s high pigtails were one of the biggest ‘90s hair trends.

We’ll be experimenting with this ‘90s hair trend in 2023 for a nostalgic ‘it girl’ look. Elevate the casual pigtail trend with silk scrunchies or by crimping your hair. We don’t think it’ll be long until this trend is all over our TikTok FYP.

Bangs are Back

Bangs were everywhere in the ‘90s. It was a defining element of every ‘90s hair trend. We’re predicting that bangs are back for 2023. There’s a style of bangs for everyone, from curtain bangs to micro fringes. You can give your ‘90s-worthy bangs a modern update by incorporating them with face-framing layers and experimenting with textured cuts to make the look your own.

Fresh bangs can instantly transform your look and accentuate your natural features. You’ll want to consider your face shape when choosing which bangs are right for you. Our stylists will help you find your signature bangs.

One type of bangs we’re expecting to see everywhere in 2023 is the classic ‘90s swoopy side bang. It was made famous by Aaliyah and is the perfect way to show off shiny, smooth hair. Add it to a sleek high ponytail for the ultimate ‘90s look or make it contemporary with a deep parting and face-framing bangs.

The Midi Cut

Debating between short cut and letting your hair grow out? Get the best of both worlds with the classic ‘90s midi cut. The beauty of this hair trend is that it’s easy to customize and update for a contemporary feel. Add short layers and a little texture for extra movement and a fluffier, feminine look. Wispy layering will maintain the silhouette of the 90’s iconic midi cut, without making it look dated.

The Midi cut is versatile with good shaping helping to keep the look relatively fuss-free. If you’re going for a midi cut longer than your shoulders, you’ll need to do some daily styling. The one thing to consider with a longer midi cut is that it’s usually associated with the bouncy blow-out. Add a bit of character to your midi cut with curls or by straightening your hair.

Box Braids

Janet Jackson is a ‘90s icon who is still influencing hair trends today. Box braids have slowly been making a return with celebrities like Zendaya and Beyonce leading the way.

You can reimagine this ‘90s hair trend with extra comfort by experimenting with knotless box braids. This adapted version of the trend keeps the knot away from your scalp to leave your hair feeling lightweight. Don’t be afraid to add a bold pop of color to your braids and use extensions for longer braids.

Incorporate this ‘90s trend into your everyday look by wearing a messy bun with long face-framing box braids.

Rich-Girl Blonde

Some of our favorite ‘90s movies – like Legally Blonde and Clueless – all had one thing in common. The rich blonde girl. It’s no surprise that expensive-looking blonde hair is synonymous with the ‘90s and its era of icons like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and Princess Diana.

Hollywood blonde’ is once again making a comeback in hair trends. This color is ‘it girl’ chic but is a high-maintenance look that requires regular touch-ups for the roots. The beauty of this trend is that you can personalize it to fit your style, adding face-framing highlights or extra depth to your roots to make them easier to maintain.

These 7 ‘90s hair trends are all making a comeback in 2023. Our stylists are on hand to help you personalize each of these trends to suit your style, whether it’s curtain bangs or the iconic ‘Rachel’ hairstyle.


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