Why Vanilla Chai Blonde is Winter’s Top Color Trend

Why Vanilla Chai Blonde is Winter’s Top Color Trend

Blonde is a hair trend we often associate with summers spent catching the sun in Greece or sunbathing by the beach. It’s a common trend for women to switch to warmer tones in autumn and winter, waiting until next spring before going back to blonde. Vanilla chai blonde is a hair trend that proves that you can have blonde hair all year round.

This hair trend is a blonde-brunette hybrid that ticks all the boxes. We’re exploring why vanilla chai blonde has become winter’s top color trend and how our expert colorists can help you recreate the look. Make an appointment with 212 Salon and Day Spa to refresh your hair for winter.

What is Vanilla Chai Blonde?

Vanilla chai is a color trend that first became popular thanks to Amy McManus – known as Camouflage and Balayage on Instagram. It’s a cool ash-blonde shade that gets its name from its similarity to our favorite autumnal drink, spicy chai with a hint of vanilla. What we love about this color is that it gives you the best of both worlds, bridging the gap between blonde and brunette.

It’s a bright blonde that she’s still cool for fall with darker roots for lower maintenance. You can imagine vanilla chai blonde as being dark roots with a vanilla undertone that blends to almost white strands on the mid-lengths. The beauty of this hair trend is that your colorist can customize it to your skin tone by adding blonder sections or darkening the roots to match your natural shade.

Vanilla chai blonde is the perfect color trend to experiment with for winter as it’s relatively low maintenance. You can match the roots to your natural color to go longer between appointments without worrying about regrowth. Your hair will blend with the darker roots as it grows out, making it easier to achieve a natural look.

Once spring and summer come around, we can transition your vanilla chai blonde into a beach-ready look with just one treatment.

Who is Vanilla Chai Blonde Best For?

Vanilla chai is the perfect way to start transitioning your hair to a lighter blonde shade, especially if your hair is a natural light brunette hue. You’ll get the best results from this trend if you have dark blonde hair or a natural light brown hue due to the color of the roots. It’s still possible to jump on this trend with darker hair as our colorists can add foils to achieve the same look.

The vanilla chai hair trend is perfect for those who want to shake up their look for winter without abandoning their blonde hair. We believe that blonde is always a good idea.

How to Achieve the Vanilla Chai Blonde Look

Creating the vanilla chai blonde look requires bleaching, meaning its best achieved with the help of a professional stylist. Our colorist team at 212 Salon and Day Spa is on hand to customize this trend to your natural hair color. Darker locks will take a little extra work to achieve the vanilla chai trend.

Your hair stylist will be able to advise on how many treatments it will take to achieve the perfect vanilla chai look for your hair. It’s a good idea to bring along a few inspiration photos to share your ideas on how the finished color should look.

Vanilla Chai as a Bridal Hair Trend

Are you a winter bride? Give your blonde or light brunette hair an update for winter with the vanilla chai trend. It’ll give your hair a seasonal look and make it easy to transition into brighter tones when spring and summer come around. You can work with your stylists to personalize the vanilla chai trend to your hair type to achieve the perfect bridal look.

The vanilla chai trend allows you to add as much blonde to your hair as you desire while maintaining a color near your natural roots. Not ready to go full vanilla chai? You can recreate this bridal hair trend on a smaller scale with highlights. It’s a low-maintenance hair trend that you can adapt for every season.

Maintaining Your Vanilla Chai Hair

Before you decide to try a new hair color, you need to know the maintenance that’ll come with it. Whether it’s your first time coloring your hair or your twentieth time, it’s vital to give your hair the TLC it needs to maintain its color and stay healthy.

We’re sharing our tips and tricks on how to keep your vanilla chai blonde hair looking fresh.

1. Color-Safe Hair Products

It starts by switching up your haircare routine to focus on color-safe products that have a sulfate-free formula. You’ll typically want a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask to incorporate into your routine once a week. Your 212 Salon and Day Spa stylist will recommend the haircare products that are the most suitable for your hair type and condition.

2. Switch to Lukewarm Water

While we love a hot shower, your colored hair needs a lower temperature. A hot shower might be your favorite treat after a cold day, the hot water can strip your hair of its natural oils. Swapping out to lukewarm water, even just at the end of your shower, will help seal your hair cuticles and keep your hair hydrated.

3. Invest in Blonde Hair Products

Along with color-safe products, look out for oils and treatments designed with blonde hair in mind. Although you’ll have darker roots with the vanilla chai trend, it’s important to treat it as blonde hair to maintain the color.

We love the vanilla chai trend for its transitional look and versatility. It’s a winter hair trend that you can make your own and personalize to your complexion and natural hair color. Our expert colorists are on hand to get your hair ready for the winter season. Book an appointment today with 212 Salon and Day Spa to try the vanilla chai blonde trend for yourself.