Why You Should Invest in Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

Are you looking to give your hair a refresh without committing to a new style or color? You need to invest in a deep-conditioning hair treatment. These hydrating treatments help to restore your natural hair and repair damage from styling productions, sun exposure, and pollution. Wave goodbye to frizz and say hello to smooth, shiny hair.

Deep conditioning treatments lock in moisture for your hair to keep it hydrated. While you might use a conditioner at home, a professional conditioning treatment takes it a step further with formulas you can’t buy off the shelf.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we offer the Paul Mitchell Awapuchi HydraTriplex treatments for deep conditioning. We’re rounding up everything you need to know about deep conditioning hair treatments and why they should be a regular part of your haircare maintenance.

Salon Treatment vs. At-Home Conditioners

You probably have a conditioner that coordinates with your shampoo. While you can use this as part of your weekly routine, a salon conditioning treatment gives your hair the TLC it needs to make it more manageable.

The conditioning treatments you can get at a salon are a step above what you’ll find in-store as they’re designed to regenerate your hair, protect your scalp, and promote hair growth.

Salon conditioning treatments use non-toxic and high-quality ingredients that are professionally applied by a trained stylist. You won’t be able to purchase these treatments to use at home and can damage your hair or scalp if applied incorrectly. A deep-conditioning hair treatment is one of the most effective salon treatments you can choose and is suitable for all hair types. You can schedule a hair conditioning treatment every few months as a top-up to your regular routine.

By comparison, at-home conditioning treatments are relatively affordable but made using lower-quality ingredients. These treatments can cause build-up on your scalp if used too often, leading to dryness and irritation.

Why Your Hair Becomes Dry

The main reason you’ll get a deep conditioning treatment is to hydrate your hair to combat dryness. Your hair’s hydration levels are determined by the sebum produced by your hair follicles. This sebum production will vary and is impacted by things like environmental triggers, stress, hormones, and aging.

Your hair can also become drier if you use bleach as it destroys the melanin within the hair strand. If your hair is naturally drier or is color-treated, a deep conditioning treatment can make your hair softer and more manageable.

The Benefits of Salon Deep Conditioning Treatments

While an at-home conditioner will make your hair feel softer, you’ll get better and longer results with a salon deep conditioning treatment. A salon conditioning treatment can detangle your hair, reduce frizz, boost shine, and smooth your hair’s texture.

1. Repair Damaged Hair

Professional conditioning treatments use formulas with protein-rich ingredients that deeply penetrate the hair to repair damage and rejuvenate from within.

Conditioner helps to tackle breakage, discoloration, and split ends to give you smoother and healthier hair. It works to restore the hair’s elasticity and strength to reduce frizz and improve the overall condition of your hair.

2. Hydration and Nourishment

Deep conditioning treatments are formulated to deliver hydration and nourishment, including the moisture your hair loses as a result of environmental damage and pollution, as well as chemical processes and heat styling.

It works by deeply nourishing your hair cuticle to replenish its moisture levels and improve its natural resilience to prevent further damage. Regular conditioning treatments can make your hair more manageable and easier to style by reducing frizz and tangles.

3. Maximize Color Lifespan

If you regularly color your hair, you’ll want to invest in salon conditioning treatments to prolong the lifespan of your color. It ensures you retain the vibrancy of the color for longer between appointments and helps reduce damage to keep your hair healthier. A salon conditioner treatment means you can usually go longer between touch-ups as your hair will better maintain its color.

4. Improve Hair Texture and Shine

The intense hydration you get from a conditioning treatment has a long-lasting effect on your hair’s appearance and texture. Your hair will look instantly shinier and feel silky to the touch immediately after your treatment. The hair cuticles become smoother with each treatment, making it easier to achieve damage-free styling. If you have fine hair, a conditioning treatment will add bounce and volume to make your hair look visibly healthier.

5. Improve Scalp Health

A conditioning treatment uses ingredients that help to soothe scalp irritation with antibacterial properties to regulate oil production. A balanced scalp helps promote hair growth with ingredients designed to hydrate and prevent flakiness and dryness.

5. Hair Becomes More Manageable

Do you struggle to style your hair because of frizz or tangles? A deep conditioning salon treatment will make your hair more manageable by boosting its hydration and making the cuticle smoother to improve its texture. It makes your hair easier to style as it reduces friction, making it easier to style without causing damage.

Your hair will look and feel visibly softer after your treatment, allowing you to heat style your hair without creating fly-aways or frizzing. You’ll get a more polished and sleeker finish to your hair without the potential damage. Removing frizz and tangles makes it quicker to style your hair, speeding up your daily routine.

Meet the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi HydraTriplex Treatment

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we offer the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi HydraTriplex deep conditioning treatment. This salon professional treatment is designed for coarse, dry, and frizzy hair with a three-step process to hydrate, bind, and seal the hair.

The Paul Mitchell Awapuhi HydraTriplex formula works to instantly nourish and soften the hair while improving its manageability for easy styling. This exclusive formula binds and seals the hair to protect it from further damage using nourishing oils, vegetable proteins, and amino acids. It leaves your hair 82% softer with a long-lasting smooth texture.

Give your hair the TLC it deserves by booking a deep conditioning treatment with 212 Salon and Day Spa today.