Why You Should Keep Up with Facials During Every Season

At-home skincare routine can only go so far. While you might consider a facial a splurge for special occasions, having a regular facial is the best way to care for your skin. Most aestheticians and dermatologists recommend that the best time to have a facial is every month, focusing your treatment to suit the needs of your skin during each season. Our skin behaves differently with each season, so a regular facial gives you a chance to check in with your skin and give it the TLC it needs.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we offer a range of facials and treatments you can customize to suit your skin during every season. We’re rounding up the reasons why you should have a facial every season and not just in winter.

What is a Professional Salon Facial?

A professional salon facial is performed by a licensed aesthetician who is an expert in cosmetic skincare. In some scenarios, a facial may be performed by a dermatologist, who is a qualified doctor specializing in skin conditions. Salon and spa facials usually fall into six categories: chemical peels, extractions, HydraFacials, microdermabrasion, LED facial, and lymphatic drainage.

Most professional facials will incorporate at least one of these:

  • Chemical peels to remove dead or damaged skin cells
  • Deep cleansing with steam to open pores
  • Exfoliation to remove excess dead skin cells
  • Facial massage to improve circulation
  • Products to address client-specific skin concerns
  • LED light therapy for acne, inflammation, and anti-aging
  • Minimally invasive treatments, such as laser resurfacing

Your aesthetician or dermatologist will explain every aspect of your facial and provide aftercare instructions to ensure the best long-term results.

How Often Should You Have a Facial?

If time and money weren’t a concern, we’d all be having a facial every month. This time frame reflects the 28-day cycle of skin cell turnover. A monthly facial helps reduce irritation and remove dead skin cells to allow your skin care products to better penetrate through your skin barrier.

Your aesthetician or dermatologist will recommend the best time frame for your facials. If monthly facials aren’t possible, a facial every 3 months to align with the changing seasons is the best alternative. Certain treatments, such as HydraFacials, are only recommended every three months. You’ll want to consider your specific skincare concerns and the season when choosing your next facial.

The Benefits of a Seasonal Facial

A monthly or seasonal facial is the best way to maximize the efficiency of your skincare routine and address specific skin concerns. While the specific benefits of a facial will vary depending on the treatment used, there are 5 reasons why you should have a facial every season:

Increase skin circulation

Facials boost the skin’s circulation and blood flow to encourage cellular regeneration, helping to reduce puffiness in the skin and promote lymphatic drainage. Increased circulation improves the skin’s oxygen levels and helps remove toxins.


It’s almost impossible to fully cleanse your skin and pores. While daily cleansing helps, a facial is the best way to remove excess dirt and build-up from your skin. A deeper cleanse from a facial improves your complexion and produces healthy, glowing skin by removing oil, dirt, and bacteria.

Improve Skin Texture and Appearance

Regular facials help to improve the skin’s texture, tone, and appearance to create a natural glow. This improved appearance comes from increased collagen production, which leaves the skin smoother and tighter to support graceful aging. A facial is the perfect splurge before a vacation or at the start of the holiday season.


Investing in monthly or seasonal facials helps tackle premature aging by increasing circulation to boost your natural collagen production. It also strengthens the facial muscles and smooths the skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduce Anxiety and Seasonal Stress

Seasonal anxiety and depression are something many of us deal with during the colder months. Facials help reduce anxiety and make you feel more relaxed while treating the consequences of stress on your skin, such as fine lines and dark circles.

A facial helps to reduce your body’s overall stress levels, release facial tension, and relax your muscles. It’s a treatment that helps your body and mind, making it the perfect way to start every season.

How to Choose the Right Facial Every Season

Whether it’s your first facial or your thirty-first, don’t be afraid to ask questions to help you find the right treatment for your skin and the season.

There are three things you want to consider when choosing your facial:

Skin type

Whether you have oily, dry, mature, or sensitive skin, it’ll react differently to the products used during your treatment. You can invest in a facial specifically designed for your skin type or the problems you might face during specific seasons, like extra dryness during winter.

Seasonal weather

It’s a common misconception that your skin only faces the negative consequences of seasonal weather during winter. The humidity in summer and rising temperatures throughout the year can also dehydrate your skin.

Recovery time

Some facials have a longer recovery time, with additional aftercare required if they use stronger products and ingredients. Chemical peels, for example, have a longer recovery time and should only be used every three months. You want to keep in mind the recommended interval between specific facials when booking your next treatment.

Why You Should Have a Facial Every Season

Don’t just wait until the week before your vacation to book a facial. Your skin will benefit from at least one facial during each season of the year.

  • Spring: Exfoliation is a must-have during spring as it helps to rejuvenate your skin and brighten your complexion while unblocking your pores and promoting skin hydration.
  • Summer: Protect your skin against sun damage with a facial during summer to help support your SPF.
  • Autumn: Give your skin a moisture boost and help prepare it for the colder months to maintain a healthy glow.
  • Winter: Harsher weather conditions can lead to your skin becoming dry and cracking. A facial helps lock in moisture and replenish your skin to keep it healthy.

Keep your skin healthy all year round by investing in facials. Book your next facial with 212 Salon and Day Spa today.