What are Bold Bangs?

New year. New you. There’s no better way to kickstart the new year than with a new hairstyle. You don’t have to chop off your hair or go for a daring color to try something new. Your bangs are one of the easiest – and quickest – ways to transform your appearance. Bold bangs are a hair trend everyone is talking about for 2022 and for good reason.

Whether you’ve got a pixie cut or Rapunzel-length hair, blunt bangs work for almost everyone. We’re covering everything you need to know about this hair trend and how you can style this look. If you’re thinking of changing up your look for the new year, why not try out blunt bangs?

What are bold bangs?

Bold bangs are exactly that. They’re full, load, and unapologetically feminine. These bangs have a blunt and sharp cut that isn’t feathered at the ends. Your bangs fall across your forehead as straight as possible. If you have naturally straight or thicker hair, bold bangs are your best friends.

What we love about these blunt bangs is that they’re a more sophisticated look. They work for everyone from their 20s to 50s. It’s all about how you style them. Bold bangs look best on oval face shapes, but they work for almost everyone. Your stylist can alter these bangs for you by creating an arch to help elongate your face.

How to style your bold bangs

The best way to keep your bold bangs looking fresh is to give skin the TLC it needs during winter. Blunt bangs frame your face and bring attention to your t-zone, meaning you’ll want to stay on top of your skincare routine. The Timexpert SRNS Repair Night Progress Mask is our go-to overnight treatment that helps protect your skin during winter and fights against premature aging.

When you’re styling your bold bangs day-to-day, you can get adventurous with your look. While sleek straight hair is a classic look, it isn’t the only one you can try. As the season starts to change, embrace your hair’s natural texture, and have fun with wavy bold bangs and your natural curls. A curl mousse can help you achieve a softer yet structured look to your waves.

If you’re a fan of laidback looks, blunt bangs are the style for you. You can experiment with textured and messy hairstyles for the ultimate “I woke up like this” look.

What to consider when choosing blunt bangs

While we love blunt bangs, it’s worth considering that they’re not low maintenance. The key to this look is to keep your bangs looking blunt and shapely. You’ll want to book in for regular appointments to keep your bangs looking fresh. Dry shampoo will also be your best friend to keep your bangs looking fresh.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you may need to have your bangs cut every three weeks. Bold bangs and flawless skin will give you a classic Parisian look for heading into spring. Ready to give the trend a try? Book an appointment with one of our stylists today.

Meet the ‘Expensive Brunettes’ Trend That’s Every Celebrity is Loving Right Now

We all know the phrase ‘blondes have more fun’, but is that still true today? There’s a new brunette trend on the scene that everyone is talking about for winter 2021/2022. Meet the ‘Expensive Brunette’ trend. Whether you’re looking to become a brunette or update your brown locks, this trend is one of our favorites for the season.

This hair trend is about adding warmth and depth to your brunette looks for an extra sense of dimension. When you’re a brunette, it’s easy for your hair to seem one-dimensional or flat – especially if you color your hair at home. This winter hair trend is all about multi-tonal colors with a glossy finish that give your hair a new lease on life.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, our professional colorists are on hand to help you experiment with the ‘expensive brunettes’ trend to achieve a celebrity-worthy look. Read on to find out more about this hair trend and how the ‘expensive brunette’ look can give your hair an elevated update for the winter months.



What is the ‘expensive brunettes’ trend?

This trend is exactly what it says on the tin. ‘Expensive brunette’ is the hairstyle that makes you think of a glamorous heiress or a powerful businesswoman. It’s a multi-dimensional hairstyle that incorporates carefully placed hues that are warm up your complexion. This hairstyle catches the light and brings your hair’s natural radiance to the surface.

The expensive brunette trend is a favorite amongst celebrities, including Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, who recently ditched her blonde locks for a darker look. Gone are the days when blonde was considered the ‘rich’ hair color. Since Blair Waldorf graced our screens, the heiresses and boss babes have been brunette.

What we love about this trend is that it’s relatively low maintenance. It’s a perfect choice for the woman who wants a ‘wow’ look without sitting in the salon chair every few weeks. This trend shows that less really can be more. You can use a gloss to add depth to your hair and enhance your natural skin tone or play around with color for a more personalized look.


How to achieve the ‘expensive brunettes’ look

If you want to experiment with this trend, let us know that you’re interested in the ‘expensive brunette’ look. The secret is to focus on adding depth and dimension to your hair by playing with different deep and light shades to create a natural contrast. The placement of your color is the most important element when creating this look, especially if you want to get the most out of your haircut.

You’ll also want to consider your skin tone when deciding which hues to choose. For the best results, you want to choose shades that compliment your skin tone. Cooler shades that you can use include ash brown and taupe, while caramel and copper are warmer options.

One aspect that is often overlooked is that this trend has a lived-in look that focuses on making the color placement look as natural as possible. You want to make it seem like the gods blessed you with the perfect hair.

The beauty of the ‘expensive brunette’ trend is that you don’t have to commit to a hair dye. Your hairstylist can create the look using your natural hair and a clear gloss or glaze to restore your hair’s radiance. You can also use our color service to go from blonde to an expensive brunette or to add a few strands of color to your natural hair.


Who should try the expensive brunette look?

Are you a blonde thinking of going brunette? You can follow the example of Hailey Bieber and use this trend as a more natural way of going brunette. You don’t have to worry about regrowth and use highlights to achieve your desired brunette look.

If you’re a natural brunette, you can still use this trend to bring life back to your hair – especially if you think it’s looking flat or lifeless. Dakota Johnson added gold lowlights to her chocolate brown hair to give it a two-dimensional look and to lighten its overall appearance.

Another celebrity that you can draw inspiration from is Ciara, who added a personal twist to the expensive brunette trend by focusing her lighter hues around her face. This trick helps to warm your complexion and is perfect for anyone with curtain bangs or layered hair.


You don’t have to give up your dark brunette locks to experiment with this trend. Zoey Deutch offers another take on this trend by adding copper undertones to her dark brunette hair to give an auburn-inspired illusion to her locks. Deutch has gone from blonde to brunette to red and black before settling on this expensive brunette look.

So, the short answer? The expensive brunette trend is for everyone – whether you’re a natural brunette or looking to transition to the color.

With natural hairstyles becoming all the rage for 2022, the expensive brunette trend is one that we’re expecting to become a standout for 2022. It’s an easy, transitional style that is low maintenance and works for every season. At 212 Salon and Day Spa, our team of colorists and hairstylists is on hand to help you bring this trend to life.


Still looking for festive gifts?

The holidays are right around the corner. Most of us are guilty of leaving our holiday shopping to the last minute. No judgment here! We all do it. This festive season, why not give a gift that keeps giving?

Skincare is one of the most functional gifts that you can give to anyone on your list – whether it’s your sister, partner, or best friend. One of our top recommendations for holiday gifts is the Aqua Clean Cleansing Gel by Germaine de Capuccini.

If the expensive brunette look has taught us anything, it’s that blondes aren’t the only ones having fun. You can book in with one of our colorists to give the trend a try and create an authentic lived-in brunette look.

Meet Root Blurring – The Latest Natural-Looking Root Trend

Your roots will always grow out. It’s a reality of having highlights or colored hair. You don’t have to dread your roots growing out – thanks to one of the biggest fall hair trends. ‘Root blurring’ – also known as ‘root smudging’ – is a technique that adds a natural look to dyed hair that has roots of more than 3 inches.

Say bye-bye to dark grown-out roots and say hello to the perfect transitional hairstyle that will take you effortlessly through to fall and winter. Root blurring – and its similar techniques – elevates your roots with a clever color placement that creates a seamless finish.

The beauty of root blurring is that it can help you get the most out of your color and add time between each dye appointment. We’re sharing everything that you need to know about root blurring and why it’s a fall trend that you want to consider for your dyed hair.


What is root blurring?

Root blurring is designed to save your highlights – and your wallet – by lengthening your time between color treatments. We’ve all dealt with the pain of highlights growing out and dark or grey roots taking shape. You can rejuvenate your months-old highlights or hair color with the help of this innovative treatment.

Root blurring is a technique that focuses on creating a high contrast in your roots. It works by using darker tones than your roots to create a natural-looking contrast. The blurring effect kicks in as it adds darker tones to your roots while keeping the lighter tones towards the ends of your hair.

A similar technique is called root smudge. It works in the opposite direction, using lighter colors instead of darker shades for your roots. It produces a more balanced contrast across your roots and the ends of your hair. If you’re looking for the most natural finish, try this style of root blurring.

Whether it's grey hairs or your roots growing out, this innovative technique is perfect for those wanting a low-maintenance hairstyle that updates their look for fall and winter. This technique helps to blend away grey hairs and root re-growth, whatever your natural hair color is.


Who can benefit from root blurring?

Root blurring is the perfect treatment for you if you’re looking to get the most out of your highlights or hair dye. The treatment does exactly what it says on the tin. It blurs your roots with a lighter or darker color that helps to diminish the harshness of your roots and create a more natural look.

This technique effectively creates a shadow in your hair that distracts the eye away from over-grown roots. If you want to keep your hair in tip-top shape without investing in a whole new head of foils or dye, root blurring is a friendlier option for your hair and wallet. Incorporating root blurring into your hair maintenance can help you go as long as three months between dye treatments to keep your hair healthy and to get the most out of your dye.

During the summer, most of us choose to lighten our hair for a beach-ready look. Once fall hits, you want to give your hair a slightly darker or warmer appearance to fit the season and the colder weather. This coloring technique is becoming a favorite amongst stylists and clients alike, creating a subtle and natural look that is effortlessly understated.

Transitioning your hair through to fall and winter

Root blurring can also be the perfect solution if you want to seamlessly transition your hair through the seasons without doing an all-over hair change. It’s one of the biggest hair trends for fall and the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to an entirely new look.

What we love about root blurring is that it is subtle and sophisticated. It’s all about creating an illusion with your hair that helps expand the lifespan of your highlights without worrying about a dark grow-out.

All the fall 2021 hair trends are about adding warmth to your hair. Traditionally, fall hair trends have focused on going for darker colors. These new trends are season-less and instead focus on creating transitional hairstyles that take you seamlessly from one season to the next.


Other treatments similar to root blurring

There are other treatments and techniques that you can use for a similar effect on your roots. Each of these treatments works similarly to root blurring and changes up the appearance of your roots for a softer look.

A root tap is designed for those with blonde hair and who want to keep their hair as bright and blonde as possible. This technique is ideal to use a few weeks after dying your hair when your roots start to develop. A root tap softens the foil lines at the end of your roots and encourages a softer grow out.

Another similar treatment – often considered the same as root blurring – is root smudging. The difference arises in so far as root smudging is all about added brightness without giving you an artificial look to your roots. With this technique, the added color will be a tone lighter than your natural shade.

A third technique that you can try is called ‘root melt’. It is ideal for brunettes or blondes looking for darker contrast. It’s another fall trend that is perfect for transitioning your color from the warmer to colder months.

The difference between this method and the others is that it works with shades two or more hues deeper than your natural root shade. You can choose the root blurring method that works best for your desired look, whether you want to brighten your blonde or add a warmer undertone.

If you’re looking to update your highlights or color for fall, the root blurring trend is our number one recommendation. You can give your hair the TLC it needs at 212 Salon and Day Spa by booking in for a root blurring treatment with one of our talented stylists.


Meet the Seasonal Hair Colors Everyone is Talking About

Summer has turned to autumn. Winter is right around the corner. As the seasons change, so do our hairstyles. When the temperatures start to drop, hair shades become darker and warmer. While we love a lighter look during the summer, autumn is a time to experiment with darker shades and warm tones. If you’ve been thinking of changing up your look, autumn is the perfect time to try something new.

Seasonal hair colors are one of the biggest trends in the industry right now. The beauty of this trend is that you don’t have to drastically change the color of your hair. It’s all about playing with tones and shades to give your hair a new look to transition through the season. Whether you’re a cool ashy blonde or a redhead, you can have fun with your hairstyle this autumn and winter.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we love to see our clients trying something different. If you want to get your hair ready for the festive season, these are the seasonal hair colors that everyone is talking about.

Add warmth to cool ashy blonde locks

Do you feel like your cool blonde locks are too bright for winter? You can help you transition to winter with a seasonal hair color. You can add depth to your hair by adding warm cream hues to bring an extra dimension to your hair and give it a golden finish.

Nicknamed ‘honey blonde’, this hair color is a winner year-round and perfect for party season. It’s effortlessly chic and gives your hair a more natural and understated look than cooler ash shades. When you add creamy blonde hues to your hair, it instantly becomes more luminous.  You can update your blonde locks for autumn and winter with a full head of highlights to lift your natural color and bring it to life.

This creamy warm shade of blonde looks as soft as cashmere and is a go-to shade for celebrities like Poppy Delevingne. It’s worth considering the maintenance that comes with a light and luminous shade like this. You’ll want to book in for regular treatment and give your hair the TLC it needs with bond-strengthening products to protect and repair your hair at the cuticle.

While we love platinum and ash blonde hues for spring and summer, autumn, and winter call for something warmer. We’ll work with you to create a contrast between your cooler locks and the new warmer shade to give you a multi-tonal effect that looks natural and is universally flattering.


Say hello to espresso brunettes

Blondes aren’t the only ones adding warmth to their hair. ‘Espresso brunette’ is a shade that adds warmth and chocolate-inspired hues to deepen your brunette locks. If you spend autumn and winter indulging in rich shades of red and berry hues with your makeup, you’ll love this hair color.

Espresso hair takes its name from the coffee undertones of the hair. Just like your favorite caffeinated drink, espresso brunette is a blend of black and brown hues to create a seamless look. If you want to experiment with the dark side, espresso brunette is a seasonal color that is easy to maintain if you’re starting from a darker hair shade. You’ll need regular touch-ups, but it’s fairly low maintenance for a showstopping autumn and winter look.

If you plan to switch to espresso, you’ll want to upgrade your hair-care routine to include products formulated for color-treated hair. It’s a good idea to invest in a heat protector and lower the heat on your hot tools while embracing your hair’s natural texture.


Meet the ‘Bronde’ hybrid

Are you struggling to decide between blonde and brunette? Why not have the best of both worlds? ‘Bronde’ takes everything we love about these two hair colors and blends them into one. It’s one of the biggest trends in the hair industry right now and is a favorite of celebrities like Jessica Alba.

The secret to achieving this glowing look is to incorporate a golden balayage into your hairstyle, making sure to keep the blonde looking fresh by avoiding any brassiness. You want to make sure to keep the brunette base healthy and shiny for a seamless finish. It’s the perfect hairstyle for those who love to curl their hair or add a hint of a wave to show off the two-tonal effect.

Whether you’re a brunette who wants to brighten their hair or a blonde looking to transition to a darker shade, ‘bronde’ is universally flattering. The color trend is making a return thanks to the nostalgia for early 2000s fashion and beauty. Bronde was originally popularized by Gisele Bundchen in 2007 when she was at the height of her supermodel career.


Be fierce with intense copper shades

Redheads have no fear – we’ve not forgotten about you! As autumn turns to winter, give your hair a transitional look by embracing intense copper hues. These hues are perfect for the festive season and are guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd. We’ll work with you to choose a copper hue that is intense and flatters your complexion without being too overpowering.

If you’re looking for a softer way of embracing this trend, ask for an auburn-copper hybrid to keep your hair light with a bolder undertone. We love to see intense copper shades with a high shine finish. They’re effortlessly chic and create the fire-kissed look that is perfect for autumn and winter.

You can think of intense copper as being the ‘pumpkin spice’ of the autumnal hair trends. It’s one we find ourselves gravitating to every year. Copper shades are an ideal choice for brunettes wanting a softer look or blondes trying something new.

Are you thinking of embracing a new hairstyle for autumn and winter? Our team of talented stylists is here to help you experiment with the latest seasonal hair trends. Get in touch with us today to secure your appointment for a great hair day.


How the Wolf Cut Became Fall’s Biggest Hair Trend

The seasons are changing – and so too are hair trends. Once again, we can thank TikTok for bringing us the hairstyle of the season. This fall, everyone is talking about the so-called ‘wolf cut’ hairstyle. The hashtag on TikTok has 660 million views and climbing, showing that the wolf cut may be the next curtain bangs. As a hybrid between a mullet and shag cut, this fall-appropriate hairstyle is a favorite amongst celebrities and influencers. Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus have made the look their own and are the perfect style muses for this hairstyle.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, wolf haircuts are already proving to be our most popular fall style. If you’re thinking of giving your look a refresh or trying something new, the wolf cut is a perfect choice. What we love about this hairstyle is that it works for curly or straight hair, along with both shoulder-grazing hair lengths and longer variants. Whatever your hair type or style, you can embrace the wolf cut.


What is the wolf cut?

The wolf cut is the younger sister of the shag haircut, first becoming popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s in South Korea amongst K-Pop stars. What sets the wolf cut apart from similar designs is that it has more texture than the traditional shag to create a fuller appearance for the hair. Most people choose to finish off their look with bangs for complete styling options.

The benefit of the wolf cut is that it’s meant to be messy. You want your hair to look as natural as possible, with tousled hair being all the rage. As one of the biggest hair trends for fall 2021, it’s guaranteed to freshen up your look.


Trending styling options

Not sure how to style your wolf-cut haircut? The beauty of this style is that you can wear your hair curly or keep It smooth and straight. You can also incorporate wispy layers into your haircut for a feminine look, especially for longer hairstyles. Some of our favorite fall 2021 hairstyles combine a wolf cut with curtain bangs. As the two biggest trends of the season, this hairstyle is sure to turn heads.

You can adapt the wolf cut to fit your styling and lifestyle needs. While TikTok is full of DIY videos for the wolf cut, we recommend going to see a professional for your cut and shape. A professional hairstylist can add movement to the hair, along with live-in texture. When you work with a hairstylist, you can work on each section of hair to give you a fully customized experience.

Texturing shears are an easy way to soften the end of the hair layers for a more natural look. A professional hairstylist can blend the shorter layers of hair while saving time for someone to go and pick up the flowers.


Will the wolf cut suit me as a fall hairstyle?

There’s no way to guarantee that a haircut will or won’t look good on you. The appeal of a shag or wolf-cut hairstyle is that they’re the perfect transitional style. During the summer, a wolf cut is sexy and flirty. By the time autumn rolls around, you’ll have a more laidback and fun approach to your hair.

The wolf haircut is an instant hit with millennials, most of whom are looking for a way out of working-at-home life. If you’ve experienced the main of your hairdressers being closed during covid, good news! The wolf cut takes grown-out hair for the COVID-19 pandemic and gives it a new and unique shape. If you’re looking for a new and exciting hairstyle to choose in 206, this is it.

The wolf cut is primarily made up of textures, making it the perfect go-to hairstyle for anyone with thicker hair. Don’t be afraid to embrace your natural wave or add a curl to your hair. If you’re planning on wearing your hair straight, it can make a lot more time to restyling. The only hair type that should consider skipping the next wolf cut trend is to those with fine and coarse hair. The hair will have trouble maintaining the signature body and coiled hair that makes this haircut instantly recognizable.


How to style a wolf cut hairstyle

Our favorite way to style a wolf cut is to let your natural hair texture come through – but you will need to do a little maintenance. Fall’s biggest trend isn’t a simple wash-and-go cut. If you don’t pay attention to your international guests, it’s easy for your hair to start to appear flat and lifeless.

If you have a natural texture to your hair, then you’re in luck. You won’t need to do anything to get your wolf cut ready. A texturing cream is a staple for your makeup bag and the perfect way to seal in the moisture of your heated seat. As you run the cream through your hair, pay attention to the areas where you want to ship to.


How to Look After Your Wolf Design

An easy styling tip is to add a diffuser attachment to your hair. Just like most ‘70s-inspired hairdos, you want to look up everything that you can about the condition. If you’re a fan of straight hair, you want to consider how you can incorporate volume into your hairstyle – particularly at the crown area. A volumizing mousse is your best friend and can be applied to damp hair from the roots to the mid-shaft of the hair. You can then re-wash with curl cream.

If you’re looking for an authentic 90s inspired look, experiment with your customer base. Humidity is exactly what you want with this haircut.  You can add a volumizing mousse to damp hair from the roots to mid-shaft, with the diffuser adding extra volume to your hair.

Don’t forget to pack a round brush to give you a full Farrah shape look. If you’ve been considering finally taking the plunge and experimenting with the wolf cut, this is your sign!

Why Your Skincare Routine Needs Vitamin C

When it comes to your skincare routine, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The active ingredients are what will make or break your skincare routine. The secret to achieving a healthy, dewy glow is vitamin C. This natural ingredient is one of our favorites at 212 Salon and Day Spa. If you’re looking to transform dry and dull-looking skin, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re deep-diving into the world of vitamin C, as well as sharing our favorite skincare product that can upgrade your daily routine. Trust us. Vitamin C treatments can be a gamechanger for your skin, as well as being the perfect pick-me-up before any special occasion.


Timexpert Radiance C+ by Germaine de Capuccini

Germaine de Capuccini is a revolutionary skincare brand with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Founded in 1964 by Carmen Vidal, the brand develops on the traditions of some of Paris’ best-kept skincare secrets. What makes Germaine de Capuccini different is the science behind their beauty products.

The Germaine de Capuccini Laboratories create high-quality formulas with advanced cosmetic technology and the best active ingredients. The synergy between beauty, nature, and science creates game-changing formulas that deliver proven results.

The Timexpert Radiance C+ collection is powered with pure vitamin C, nature’s most popular antioxidant. The patented HLG nanopolymer within the formula turbo-charges the effectiveness of the pure vitamin C by six times its normal use. The HLG nanopolymer works by deeply nourishing the cells within the dermis of your skin, allowing for a sustained release of the active ingredients within the product.

With five clinically proven products in the collection, this vitamin C body treatment exfoliates and hydrates your skin to visibly brighten your complexion and rejuvenate your skin. The pure vitamin C is enriched with Ume extract, another antioxidant that works to protect your skin from premature aging and free radical damage.

The Timexpert Radiance C+ treatment by Germaine de Capuccini is one of our most popular spa services at 212 Salon and Day Spa. This treatment is available year-round and is the perfect add-on to your regular skincare routine to help you unlock your skin’s inner radiance.

What makes this treatment so revolutionary? We’re taking a closer look at vitamin C and why it’s one ingredient that everyone should have in their skincare routine.


What’s vitamin C in skincare?

Vitamin C is largely considered the best anti-aging ingredient while also helping you maintain an even skin texture and tone, along with a glowing complexion. With beauty trends shifting from makeup to skincare, vitamin C is becoming more popular than ever.

Although you can incorporate vitamin C into your diet, there’s no guaranteed way to get it straight into your skin. That’s where skincare treatments like the Germaine de Capuccini come in.

As a natural ingredient, vitamin C is safe for virtually every skin type. Unless your skin is hypersensitive, you shouldn’t experience any issues with using vitamin C. It’s also safe to use alongside other popular active ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), retinols, and your daily SPF.


The benefits of using vitamin C for your skin

The best skin care routines are quick, simple, and easy to understand. You want to focus on a small number of active ingredients that will deliver you proven results and transform your skin.

Meet vitamin C. It’s the natural ingredient that is here to change your life – and your skincare routine as well. We’re rounding up the most popular benefits of using vitamin C in your skincare routine to show you the power of this natural multi-tasking ingredient.


  1. It deeply hydrates your skin

Vitamin C is a multi-tasking natural ingredient that has something to offer everyone. The magnesium ascorbyl phosphate within vitamin C deeply hydrates your skin, promoting moisture retention and leaving your skin plump and firm. Keeping your skin hydrated is the first line of defense against free radical damage and premature aging. When your skin is hydrated, it’s less likely to start sagging and showing the tell-tale signs of aging.


  1. Fades pigmentation

The dewy glow created by vitamin C comes from its ability to fade pigmentation on the skin, along with smoothing its surface. Vitamin C works to tackle hyperpigmentation of all kinds, including melasma and age spots. Vitamin C has been proven to slow down your melanin production, helping to fade dark spots and create a more even complexion.


  1. Creates a youthful, dewy glow

If you want to create or maintain a youthful glow, vitamin C is non-negotiable. Vitamin C is used as a treatment for inflammatory skin conditions as it diminishes the appearance of redness while soothing the skin. The power of vitamin C as an anti-aging ingredient comes from its ability to boost your collagen production.

As we get older, our collagen production slows down, causing our skin to show signs of aging. Vitamin C works directly at the source by kickstarting your collagen production over overtime. Using vitamin C will help tighten your skin’s elastin to prevent skin sagging and leave your skin firmer and softer to the touch.


  1. Tackles under-eye circles

Vitamin C is also the secret to making it look like you got a full eight hours of sleep. It can be used topically to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles by hydrating the skin.


  1. Protects against sun damage and UV radiation

Sun damage and UV radiation are something that we should all be thinking about. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that fights against free radical damage, including sun damage. It’s the perfect combination alongside your daily SPF. Speaking of sun damage, vitamin C accelerates cellular turnover, meaning that this multi-tasking ingredient can be used to soothe sunburns. It can also work to boost wound healing, including scarring, infection, and inflammation.

If you feel like your skincare routine needs to be turbocharged into gear or that your skin needs a pick-me-up, try using vitamin C. This powerful natural antioxidant ingredient will protect you against premature aging and create the healthy, dewy glow that is at the forefront of beauty trends.

Everything You Need to Know About Money Pieces and Bold Face Framing

If there’s one trend that is everywhere in 2021, it’s money pieces. No, it’s not actually money – but it’s just as exciting. Money pieces – also known as bold face-framing – are easy to achieve balayage highlights that are a gamechanger for your hair. It’s a throwback ‘90s-look that everyone from Beyonce to Dua Lip is rocking right now.

You can think of money pieces (otherwise known as bold face-framing) as the little sister to the balayage trend. Instead of focusing all over your head, the money piece aims to achieve a sun-kissed glow to your hair. It’s a perfect style if you want to keep your summer look all year long.

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, money pieces are one trend that all of our clients are asking about. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this trending 90s-inspired trend.

What are money pieces?

Money pieces and bold face-framing are like baby highlights. They’re placed to replicate the appearance of sun-kissed hair, focusing on the sections of hair around your hairline. The placement of these highlights allows the color to help brighten your complexion, open your eyes, and make your look ‘pop’. It’s a subtle change that has a major impact – and it’s perfect for experimenting with during summer.

A money piece is a hybrid hairstyle between the always-trending balayage and two-tone hair, which has jumped back into beauty trends in recent months. If you want something more unique than a traditional balayage, without going to the extremes of two-tones, the money piece is the best of both worlds.

If you’ve been looking for an easy and no-fuss way to add color to your hair, money pieces will be right up your street. They can be a seasonal update for your look to help freshen up your hair without committing to a new overall color.

How can I achieve bold face-framing?

At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we’re here to help you achieve your perfect money piece hairstyle. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll help you decide which pieces of your hair to target with the lighter color. We always recommend bringing in photo references if you have a specific look in mind that you want to recreate.

Money pieces rarely look the same. You can keep them simple and subtle or go all out with a dramatic bold streak of color. These hairstyles are usually achieved using the balayage technique or with traditional foils. The beauty of money pieces is that we have the flexibility to choose the technique that will give you the exact style you’re looking for.

We usually adopt a balayage technique for subtle looks but change it up by focusing the placement of the balayage in a way that allows them to frame your face.

For a celebrity-inspired look, it’s best to choose warm-tone colors for your money piece. If you’re a blonde, stick to caramel or honey tones. Brunettes are usually best choosing chocolate and warm brown tones. You’ll usually want to choose a color that is 3 to 4 shades brighter than your natural hair color to make them ‘pop’, while still giving you a sun-kissed glow. While most clients choose to stick to natural colors, you can always experiment with more vibrant shades for your money piece.

The best hair types for money pieces

If you have curly hair, money pieces are your new BFF. This trend will help to frame your face and will show up beautifully on your curls. It’s worth noting that having bangs and your face shape will change how we place the color.

A money piece is a perfect alternative for anyone interested in the balayage style but doesn’t want to commit to a full head of painted highlights. The reality is that the money piece hairstyle is universally flattering.

Whatever your hair texture, length, or colour is, you can experiment with the style this summer. They’re soft and flattering while putting you in control of your look by allowing you to choose the placement and tones. If you’re looking for style inspiration for your money piece, check out the signature look of Ginger Spice (aka Geri Halliwell) in the ‘90s or Beyonce’s take on the hairstyle.

How do I look after my money piece?

One of the reasons that money pieces are so popular is that they’re low-maintenance. You’ll want to keep a purple shampoo on hand to prevent brassiness and use a hydrating conditioner. Your shampoo should be gentle – with natural formulas preferred – to avoid stripping the color from your hair. It’s also worth investing in a haircare routine that is tailored to treated and lightened hair. Your money piece will love you back if you give it a little TLC.

The maintenance of your money piece’s color will depend on your roots. You may need to touch up the wider sections every few weeks, while the balayage sections can be allowed to grow for months without needing a touch-up.

If you want to maintain your money piece long-term, it’s a good idea to invest in gloss treatments every eight weeks to keep your hair healthy. These treatments will allow your hair to maintain its luster, giving it a more natural finish by seamlessly blending the money piece and your other hair.

What we love about the money piece hair trend is how easy it is to achieve. Whether you’re adding color to your hair for the first time or want to change up your look, the money piece is one style we recommend to all our clients. It’s a trend that puts you in control of the look while being low-maintenance and easy to style.

Are you thinking of trying out the money piece hair trend? Make an appointment with 212 Salon and Day Spa for an appointment with one of our specialist hairdressers, who will help you achieve your perfect look. The money piece is the must-have hairstyle that everyone will be rocking this season.


The Best Low-Maintenance Manicure and Pedicure Tips + Tricks

Most of us don’t have time to redo our nails every day. While chipping polish is a reality of life, you shouldn’t have to stress about your nails. If you have a busy lifestyle or prefer to keep it simple, a low-maintenance manicure and pedicure will be your BFF. Getting your nails done is a form of self-care. At 212 Salon and Day Spa, gel nails are one of our go-to choices for wearable everyday nails that are easy to care for. We’re telling you everything you need to know about gel nails, along with tips and tricks for a low-maintenance manicure or pedicure.


All About Gel Manicures + Pedicures

While acrylic nails give you extra length and endless nail art possibilities, they require a little TLC. Traditional nail polish may be the easiest to apply, but we all know how easily they chip and wear away. That leaves us with one choice – gel manicures. If you’re in the market for low-maintenance nails, gels are the perfect option for you.

Gel nails involve a three-step process: base coat, polish, and top coat. These polishes go directly on your natural nails. In between each coat, your nail is put under UV light for a minute or so to cure. The curing process allows the layer to harden, meaning it won’t smudge the way that traditional polish does.

Once all three layers are cured and finished, you’ll be left with glossy nails. With gel nails, you can still add length to your nail nails. Gel nail extensions are becoming increasingly popular, acting as a hybrid between classic gels and acrylics.

You’ll usually get around 14 days of wear from your gel nails without having to worry about chipping. You may start to notice the polish starting to lift around the side of your nails towards the end of this two-week time frame. Gel polish is more durable than its traditional counterpart, making it low maintenance and easy to care for.

The debate between gel nails vs. acrylic nails is a common one within the beauty industry. While both styles have their benefits, the gel option is healthier for your natural nails. Gel nails are removed by soaking into an acetone solution, usually placed in a cotton ball, wrapped in aluminum foil. The removal process takes around ten minutes. Compared to acrylic nails, gels are more flexible, meaning they won’t damage your nail beds.

Gel nails are the perfect splurge before a vacation or special occasion where you don’t want to worry about having to re-apply your polish or take a spare bottle of polish with you. A gel manicure and pedicure are only a little more in price compared to the traditional manicure, with the investment giving you all the benefits of a low-maintenance style.


The Best Low-Maintenance Tips and Tricks

As tempting as it might be to experiment with nail art, the best low-maintenance nail colors are neutral shades. You can choose a minimalistic shade like ballerina pink or a beige nude for a simple gel polish look. If these colors end up chipping, it’ll be less noticeable. A French manicure is a perfect choice if you want an elegant look while still enjoying the benefits of a light nail polish. If you decide to go with a darker shade, it’s a good idea to stick to one polish color for all your nails.

When you’re having your polish applied, it’s a good idea to opt for a round or oval shape for your nails, keeping them on the shorter side. Regularly buffing your nails will help prevent any breakage of the tips. Your gel nails will have a base and top coat, improving the longevity and durability of your nails.

Although gel nails are the ultimate low-maintenance choice, there are still some things you’ll want to do to look after your nails. Cuticle oil is a must-have to look after your natural nails. It’s worth applying your cuticle oil every few days to help prevent chipping and keep your nails hydrated.

You’ll also want to keep a hand lotion nearby to use regularly. The acetone used to remove gel nails can cause the skin around your fingers to become dry. Hand lotion is a precautionary step to keep the skin moisturized, limiting any impact of the acetone remover. These same steps apply to a gel pedicure. Your feet go through just as much as your hands, so they deserve the same pick-me-up treatments.

The only part of a gel manicure or pedicure that has the potential to harm your natural nails is the removal process. You want to make sure you find a skilled nail technician who can correctly remove your gel nails. At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we’ll remove your gel polish in the safest way possible, so you can enjoy your manicure without worrying about the health of your nails. We’ll never use a drill to remove your gel polish, and we’ll make sure to give you advice on how to look after your nails between treatments.


Improving the Longevity of Your Gel Nails

If you’re extra careful with your gel nails, you could get four weeks of wear out of them. It’s a good idea to wear gloves while washing dishes and avoid doing anything that might break your nails. You want to avoid fidgeting with your nails while your gel polish is on, as this can lift the polish and damage your nail beds. The last thing you want to do is to pull the gel off yourself.

Gel nails are an essential investment for anyone who has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t have time to worry about a broken nail or chipped polish. Giving your nails a little TLC between appointments and choosing a neutral color will boost the longevity of your low-maintenance nails. If you’re interested in booking in for a gel manicure or pedicure, you can contact our team directly to secure an appointment.


Everything You Need to Know About Curtain Bangs

Thanks to TikTok, another classic hair trend is having a comeback. Meet the curtain bangs – the hairstyle your mum was probably rocking in the 60s and 70s. This style has had a resurgence during the pandemic, and it’s one of our favorites at 212 Salon and Day Spa. It’s universally flattering and low maintenance, making them perfect for when you want to change up your look. Our Instagram feed has been full of photos of everyone experimenting with the classic style, proof that it’s a rare hairstyle that works for everyone. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this hair trend and how you can style your curtain bangs at home.

What are Curtain Bangs?

Beauty trends are infamous for looking to the past for inspiration – and curtain bangs are no exception. Amongst the return of hair scrunchies and tie-dye, the casual and wispy curtain bangs making a comeback. This look first hit the scene in the 60s and 70s, becoming synonymous with celebrities like Brigette Bardot and Goldie Hawn. They frame your face without obstructing the view of your eyes, adding a feminine feel to your look.

Curtain bangs can vary from person to person, but most have a shorter cut in the center with a middle parting and longer strands at the side, while the ends blend with the rest of your hair. Longer curtain bangs can be pinned back into a ponytail or slipped behind your ears to keep them out of your face.

The popularity of this haircut is tied to its versatility – it works for everyone. Whether you have a bob or Rapunzel-length hair, you can frame your fair with curtain bangs. The style works with straight or wavy hair, with little to no maintenance. Unlike other bang styles, you don’t have to worry about hair growth and having to trim your bangs every few weeks.

We’re seeing the hairstyle on everyone from Kacey Musgraves to Gigi Hadid and social media influencers. The trend was brought back to life over the summer thanks to several viral TikTok videos with Millennials and Generation Z discovering the style for the first time.

Curtain Bangs Are a Must-Try

Deciding to take the plunge and add bangs can be daunting. After all, they can make or break your look. Curtain bangs are the perfect style to choose if you’re experimenting with a fringe for the first time. You can style your hair to emphasizes the curtain bangs or hide them amongst the rest of your hair. If you’re not sure about the look, you can have your curtain bangs cut slightly longer to let them blend into your hair. If your curtain bangs don’t work out for you, you can let them grow out and become layers around your face. Either way, it’s a win-win!

Part of the popularity around curtain bangs comes from the world we live in, where face masks have become the norm. With makeup trends pointing towards the idea of natural beauty, curtain bands follow a similar aesthetic of accentuating your features. Bangs can change up your look without having to dye your hair or go for a drastic cut.

You can use this style to hide imperfections on your face, like breakouts around your forehead or even an uneven hairline. Unlike other haircuts, curtain bangs are flattering at any age and can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.

Curtain bangs work for everyone – and we mean, everyone. The trick is to find the length and thickness that works for you. When you visit us at 212 Salon and Day Spa, we’ll work with you to choose the style that best flatters your features and hair texture. Curtain bangs work for every face shape and hairstyle, whether you have a pixie or mid-length hair.

This trend shows no sign of slowing down, and as a vintage style, it has a timeless feel that works for any aesthetic. Whether your curtain bangs are freshly cut or grown out, they’ll frame your face and give you a feminine look.

Curtain Bangs are Easy to Maintain

One reason why people are put off bangs is because of the care involved. Styling them can become a daily chore, and regrowth means you could be cutting your bangs every few weeks. Curtain bangs are one of the easiest to look after, and they’re easy to style. You can get the signature ‘70s look with a round hairbrush and a hairdryer to give them a bouncy wave. Don’t forget to add hairspray to help maintain the shape of your bangs. You can even air dry them for a natural look.

The secret to achieving the perfect curtain bangs is to make them look as effortless as possible – you want them to frame your face the same way curtains sit around a window. You can update the style and give it a contemporary feel by adding texture to your curtain bangs with messy waves or beachy curls. For a modern look, keep your bangs on the shorter side, just grazing along your cheekbones.

No two sets of curtain bangs will look the same. You can make them look your own and tailor them to blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair. The style works for every season, whether you want to hide from the cold of winter or embrace your natural hair texture in the summer. You can style your curtain bangs for any occasion with a high ponytail or a casual up-do.

If you’re thinking of changing up your look and want a style that’s easy to look after, the curtain bangs are right on-trend. You can channel your inner vintage bombshell with this glamorous look that frames your features and accentuates your natural appearance. At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we can help you create the perfect curtain bangs that give you a classic look with a contemporary twist.

Trend Alert: Curly Bangs

Change the hair. Change the woman. If you’re looking to shake up your look without chopping your hair off or changing its color, your bangs are the perfect place to experiment. Curly bangs are everywhere we look, from Instagram influencers to hit Netflix show. The 212 Salon and Day Spa team are all fans of the curly bangs, and they’ve quickly become one of our favourites for clients. If you’re considering taking the plunge and trying the style, we have a few tips to help you pull off the look.

How Did Curly Bangs Become a Trend?

Netflix seems to dictate our lives. One minute we’re hooked on a real crime drama, and the next minute we’re wishing we lived in Regency England. Their hit TV shows have the power to influencer trends across the board, with hair being no exception. In 2019, they debuted the show ‘Russian Doll’, with Natasha Lyonne playing Nadia Vulvokov, a woman who constantly relives the day she dies.

It wasn’t the plot that grabbed our attention, but rather the character’s signature hairstyle. Natasha Lyonne's auburn curly bangs went viral on social media, with thousands of fans asking how they could recreate the look.
Right after the show’s release, the curly bangs became the must-have style on the red carpet. Celebrities such as Killing Eve’s Sandra Oh and the pop star Ariana Grande all showed off the hairstyle, making it an instant must-try. Other celebrities who have rocked this trend include Rihanna and Zendaya.

What Makes the Curly Bangs so Popular?

For years, we all straightened our hair within an inch of its life. For some of us, our GHD straighteners were our most possession during the mid-2000s. Anyone blessed with naturally textured curls felt they had to hide them under layers of products to tame their curls. If the pandemic has taught us everything, it’s the beauty of embracing our natural looks. Textured hair and voluminous curls are having their moment in the sun.
This cut is also trending because of our rediscovered love of all things 70s inspired. You can thank Generation Z for exploring the era for the first time on TikTok.

How To Get Curly Bangs

The trick to pulling off the curly bangs look is to visit your hairstylist and ask for their help. It’s not a look you can create with your at-home scissors. Cutting bangs is an art form and one that you want a professional’s help to create.

While anyone can work curly bangs, it’ll take you a little extra styling if you have naturally straight hair. The trend works for any face shapes, making it universally flattering.
Your stylist will recommend the best length that works for your features while still giving you enough length to play with to maintain the curls. Some people prefer to go with a shorter cut to accentuate the eyes, while others like to keep the hair longer to create a more voluminous curl. If you don’t mind the maintenance involved, you can opt for an eyebrow length style. You can also decide how thick you want your curly bangs to be, with your stylist being the best person to suggest which one to choose.

If you know the type of curly bangs you want, bring along some reference photos to your appointment. The hairstylist can recreate the look and let you know if the length will work for you. The thing to remember is that when your hair is cut, it’s not a reflection of the finished product as the curls shrink your hair and make your bangs shorter. Trust the process!

Curly bangs work best when you incorporate a little layering into the look to give you more depth and definition of your curls.

The great thing about these bangs is that they work for any length, whether your hair skims your shoulders or if you have Rapunzel length hair. Are you not sure if you want to commit to the trend? Start with clip-in curly bangs to get a feel for the look.

How To Style Your Curly Bangs At-Home

Once you’ve left the salon, you’ll be wondering how to style your new curly bangs at home. The trick is to master the art of minimalism. Less is more with curly bangs. You want to avoid saturating your hair with an excessive amount of product, which can weigh down your hair. One product you will want to keep on hand is some curl cream, which can stop your hair from becoming frizzy while making it easier to brush through your bangs.

When you’re brushing your hair, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to get the shape. Let your hair air-dry for around 20 minutes. If you have to rush out the door, you can use your blow dryer to finish it off. Ideally, you should let your hair air dry to give it a naturally tossed look.

If you want to change the silhouette, you can go in with a curling iron to make your curls tighter or looser. Complement your curly bangs by giving the rest of your hair voluminous curls to pull your look together.
Don’t become too fixated on the idea of creating the perfect curls. You want to make them look as natural as possible. The messier your curly bangs look, the better! You can style your hair within a few minutes, making this trend perfect for the busy woman who doesn’t have time for a full hair routine every morning. Put your straighteners to the back of your vanity and channel your inner 70s pop star.

In recent years, we have been obsessed with hair color trends, often forgetting about our bangs. Now the tables have turned, and our bangs have taken centre stage. Embrace your textured hair and give the curly bangs a go. At 212 Salon and Day Spa, we’re on hand to help you experiment with this trend. Trust us - you’ll fall in love with the style!