Hair Styles and Looks for Summer

Now that summer is here, outdoor concerts and festivals are coming back, people are getting married, trips are being made to the beach and the world is full of life. People are enjoying the outdoors as insects are buzzing around and flowers are in full bloom, brightening the world.

Just as they are incorporated into the beauty of Mother Nature, flowers can be incorporated into your favorite hair and makeup styles as well. If you want to stand out at your next festival or outdoor event, here are some ways to bring flowers into your style.

  1. Headbands

Floral headbands will always bring an outfit together. The best part about this look is that there are so many ways to pull it off. You can use a pre-made headband with fake flowers or you can use real flowers and attach them where a headband would be. Touches of berries will also make your headband stand out amongst the rest.

  1. Peach Tones

Not only are peaches a great summer snack, but it is a great color to bring into your look. Inspired by a peach rose, it looks more natural and brightens your face for that perfect summer glow. The tricky part is making sure you pick the right hue for your skintone.

  1. Clip

Whether your hair is long or short, a pin can help keep back the annoying hair that falls in your face when performing the simplest of tasks. Although you can just put a bobby pin in your hair and call it a day, it sticks out on your hair and could possibly wreck the look you are going for. By adding a flower to the clip, you can hide the bobby pin and keep your look.

  1. Red Hues

If you want a look for date night or a night out, adding dark red colors to your makeup will make you shine throughout the night. As a red rose symbolizes love and romance, your makeup will show that just as well.

  1. Loose Bun

No one wants to do their hair everyday, which is when a loose bun comes into play. But if one of those days comes along and you have somewhere to be, the perfect way to dress it up is with flowers. You can put in a few small flowers throughout the bun or one bigger flower on either side of the bun. Either way, you will add some color to your hair and create an effortless look.

  1. Yellow Colors

As the sun lights up the days and flowers are bright, there is no better way to make your makeup pop than with the color yellow. Inspired by blossoms, these tones will compliment lighter colors, and maybe even a white, flowered headband.

The stylists at 212 Salon and Day Spa in Montclair have experience working with flowers and creating a unique style with them. During the month of May, they the grand prize during the town’s May Blossoms contest. Working with the theme “Matisse” off the exhibit at the Montclair Art Museum, they created a floral masterpiece in front of the store incorporating the flowers on an Eiffel Tower.

With professionals who have experience working with flowers, 212 Salon and Day Spa will help you create that perfect look for any festival, concert, wedding or other summer events.

212 Salon And Spa to Participate in Montclair Sidewalk Sale

This Saturday kicks off Upper Montclair Business Association’s 2015 Sidewalk Sale. Businesses throughout Upper Montclair will be hosting sales, events, and giveaways to the city’s residents and guests

Among the participating businesses will be 212 Salon and Day Spa. Guests who stop by Upper Montclair’s premier hair salon and spa can enjoy chair massages from 212’s team of professional massage therapists, and enter into a salon package giveaway. Hair braiding and popcorn will be definite children favorites.

There will be over 60 local businesses participating in the day’s festivities including Dot Your Face, Montclair Art Museum, and Frederic Goodman. The super sales and big bargains begin at 9:00AM EST with added surprises throughout the day.

For more on this event, you can visit UMBA’s Facebook Event Page.

What You Need To Go Back to School in Style

We asked local fashion experts Guy and Donna Losauro, owners of Montclair’s 212 Salon and Day Spa, their suggestions on how students can begin the school year in style.

Let’s start with the most obvious, and that is new clothes. Nothing is better than recharging the wardrobe and jumping into the latest trends. What I recommend is starting with the basics. Denim jeans and jackets, sweaters, and plaid, long-sleeved button downs. Then start adding accessories like vests, undershirts, and baseball caps. These items will add another layer (literally) to your look. For those new shoes, nothing goes better with autumn wear than brown boots. They are a perfect complement to the cascade of blues, reds, and oranges.

Now don’t do thing half way. A new wardrobe should have a new haircut to match. When the weather starts cooling off, women can breathe that sigh of relief and finally bring their hair back down. Time to break out those lush natural curls, or create them using a three-quarter inch curling iron, hairspray, and a good amount of time. That or volumize and blow dry into rumpled waves. Those looking to shake things up can consider adding ombré highlights. Ask your colorist for highlights that are a touch lighter than your natural hue. Have the highlight applied into the ends and randomly throughout, leaving the roots untouched. This look is perfect for those who sported the bob for the summer and now have grown it out.

For men, the most popular looks have been with the side cut tight and short, with the top left a few inches longer. The hair is textured with pomade or gel, and parted and combed to the sides. The boldest keep the short sides, but grow out the top and tie it into the currently trending “man bun”.

Last are the supplies. We aren’t talking about a new stock of pencils and notebooks. The classroom has evolved with the technology. Log your assignments and schedules into your phone and send alerts to your smartwatch so that you never miss a beat. It also may be of worth to pick up an Amazon Kindle. From middle school into college, you are going to be buying book after book after book. A small investment will save you money, and space in your backpack.

And there you have it. New clothes, new cut, and some new gadgets that will have you starting the school year off right.

For those near Montclair, NJ. You can take advantage of 212 Salon and Day Spa’s Back to School Giveaway. 212 Salon and Day Spa will be raffling off a gift basket containing over 60 items valued at $400. For more details call or visit their website using the information below.

Best Gifts and Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

He may not be Ironman, Thor, or any other member of The Avengers, but Dad is still a hero to many of us. For all the times that pops has saved your hide it is time to give back, and here are some fresh twists on some classic and not so classic Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

Coffee – it is the source of his power. It provides him the energy he needs to continue saving the world. Forget about the usual “Best Dad” mug, and hit a home run this year by gifting your dad The COFFEEBOXX by OXX. Rust proof, crush proof, and impact resistant, this on-the-go brewer can take a beating in the field and still pour your father the perfect cup of coffee in 90 seconds.

Next, do not buy your dad another tie he is not going to wear (or at least without being ridiculed) again. Before you head down to the department store to rummage through the sale bin looking for a decent affordable tie, check out The Tie Bar. Choose from neckties to bow ties, socks to pocket squares. You can buy a single tie, a box of ties, or even subscribe to a year’s worth of The Tie Bar’s top styles and picks, and keep your father looking good all year round. Whatever your price range, this is a great one-stop-shop.

Okay, now here is the change up. Give your dad a spa day. Being Superdad is not easy, and it can take a pretty good toll on him. Once kids start running, fatherhood becomes a sport. Give him the chance to relax and rejuvenate himself with a day of massage and refreshment. Local award-winning salon, 212 Salon and Day Spa, is running a “King for a Day” special that includes a facial, massage, haircut & style, topped off with a manicure and pedicure. A unique gift that is sure melt away the daily stress of fatherhood.

These gifts will ensure that you do not end up gifting the guy who goes above and beyond for you every day the same old Father’s Day presents. He’s rugged, he’s sophisticated, and he deserves a full day’s rest for all his hard work. He is also unique, so make sure his gift is as well.

What Your Mother Wants for her Mother’s Day

A few days ago, online coupon giant, RetailMeNot, released a comprehensive survey of what gifts mother’s are looking to receive for Mother’s Day. A little hint: it’s not flowers.

While 9 out of 10 consumers will be treating their mom with a special gift this Mother’s Day, their number one purchase will be flowers with “a nice meal” following in close second. But what does mom really want? Well, the votes are in and the results are as follow:

  • Moms want to treat themselves: 13% of moms want to hit the spa. Nearly 3 out of 10 mothers believe that Mother’s Day is day for pampering and relaxation.
  • Moms want to shop: 27% of mothers told RetailMeNot that they would like a gift card, whether it can be used anywhere, for a favorite shop, or can be redeemed for a specific service.
  • Moms want help: Above all, 30% of moms said they wanted someone to clean for them, 20% want someone to take care of the family cooking, and 14% want someone to watch their children.

Notice any flowers on that list? So walk away from the floral shop, and maybe head to your local spa to pick up a gift card for your dear mother. For residents of North Jersey, 212 Salon and Day Spa is running a Mother’s Day Special that can be viewed here (link).

If you are still unsure of what to get mom, here are some more facts to guide you. An overwhelming majority of mothers (58%) rather be gifted something sentimental. Whatever you do decide to get here, if it’s from the heart, then you need not worry if she will like it or not. Even if she didn’t, she’d never let you know. About 54% of mothers have never returned a gift, and 75% have never tossed an unwanted gift away.

For those who would like to contact 212 Salon and Day Spa I have included their information below. Happy shopping!